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Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulation

FURUNO ARPA RADAR series FAR-21x7/28x7, FAR-21x7W/28x7W, FAR-21x7/28x7S and FAR-21x7/28x7SW fully comply with the following IMO and IEC standards:

  • IMO A.694 (17)
    General requirements for shipborne radio equipment forming part of the global maritime distress and safety system (GMDSS) and for electronic navigational aids
  • IMO A.813 (19)
    General requirement for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for all electrical and electronic ship's equipment
  • IMO A.820 (19)*
    Performance standards for navigational radar equipment for HSC
  • IMO A.823 (19)*
    Perforemance standards for Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPAs)
  • IMO MSC.64 (67) Annex 4*
    Recommendations on new and amended performance standards for radar equipment
  • IMO MSC.191 (79)
    Performance standards for the presentation of navigation-related information on shipborne navigational displays
  • IMO MSC.192 (79)
    Adoption of the revised performance standards for radar equipment
  • SN/Circ. 217
    Interim guidelines for the presentation and display of AIS target information
  • IEC 60872-1 Ed 1.0 (1998)**
    ARPA performance requirements
  • IEC 60936-1 Ed 1.1 (2002)**
    Shipborne radar performance requirement and unwanted emissions of radar systems
  • IEC 60936-2 Ed 1.0 (1998)**
    Performance requirement for High-Speed Craft (HSC) radar
  • IEC 60945 Ed 4.0 (2002)
    General requirements for maritime navigation and radio communication equipment
  • IEC 61993-2 Ed 1.0 (2001)
    for AIS***
  • IEC 61162-1 Ed 3.0 (2007)
    for digital interface
  • IEC 61162-2 Ed 1.0 (1998)
    for digital interface
  • IEC 62388 Ed 1.0 (2007)
    Performance requirements, methods of testing and required test results
  •   *Superseded by IMO MSC.192 (79)
     **Superseded by IEC 62388
    ***Limited to required Data content to display and process other ships UAIS information as defined in IEC 61162-1 Ed. 2 for digital interface

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