VSAT(ESV) KU-100 | Bring cost-effective and high-speed broadband communications to your vessel with FURUNO's VSAT

FURUNO brings a Ku-band VSAT communications solution to the maritime industry to meet the growing demand for more bandwidth at sea. VSAT provides broadband communications at sea that are comparable to the communication data rate we are accustomed to using while on shore. On top of fast communication data rate for data and voice applications of up to 1 Mbps, VSAT delivers the cost-effective means to maritime broadband communications through its monthly flat communication rate, allowing ship owners to budget air-time rate without any unanticipated fare to be charged. The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system at the head office can be extended to the vessels via VPN (Virtual Private Networks). This means that the officers and crewmembers are now able to make use of more bandwidth-hungry applications such as videoconferencing and downloading, streaming video on demand and others without worrying about the communication bill thanks to the flat communication rate.

This will totally transform maritime communication, with increasing levels of both operational and social communications conducted all at the same time through this new service. Navigators can obtain weather and chart updates* online in order to optimize their route planning and monitoring tasks, while all onboard can still enjoy the benefit of the Internet, e-mailing and making voice calls to the head offices or their friends and families back home all via a single terminal. It would greatly increase information efficiency onboard. It will change the way mariners and vessels communicate, just as on-shore broadband data communications paved the way for the broadband IP era.


Features of VSAT

  • Brings land-based broadband communications environment to onboard vessels.

    Selectable communication rates for its data communications according to various needs onboard:

    • Service providing best effort delivery of up to 1 Mbps downlink.
    • Fixed flat rate according to the selected bandwidth.

  • Provides broadband communication that can be utilized for a wide variety of applications for both operational and social purposes.

    VPN networking, Internet (web browsing, e-mailing), VoIP, Video Store and Forward, high quality live video transmission, two-way videoconferencing, onboard monitoring, chart updates, remote ship management system, etc.*

    *Please note that some of these applications listed will be available in the future. Also, certain network devices must be arranged locally, in order for you to make use of some of the applications.

  • Allows for unlimited connection through flat communication rate, depending solely on bandwidth.

    You will no longer need to worry about the communication bill, for no matter how extensive your broadband connection is utilized, the communication costs remain the same, depending on the service plan you select.


Ku-band GEO Satellite system

Hundreds of Ku-band GEO (Geostationary Earth bit) Satellites are located 2-3 degrees apart at altitude of 35,680 km to supplement the VSAT's limited coverage delivered by regional footprints of each of Ku-band satellites. The effort is currently underway to facilitate seamless switch-over from footprint of one satellite to another in order to deliver the Ku-band availability that embraces the major shipping lanes around the world.

Overview of VSAT

VSAT System Configuration

Comparison between VSAT and FleetBroadband

VSAT FleetBroadband
Max. Communication Speed Up to 1 Mbps* 432 kbps (FELCOM 500, best effort delivery)
Billing Fixed flat rate Pay-as-you-go
Service Coverage Regional coverage provided by multiple service providers (seamless roaming possible without any roaming surcharge) Global coverage (with exception of extreme polar regions)
Price per megabyte Relatively low at high consumption High at high consumption
Voice calls VoIP rates Inmarsat rates
Expected availability Approx. 97-98.5% 99-99.9%

* For service faster than 1 Mbps, please consult with your nearest distributors.

User applications of VSAT*

VSAT supports an extensive range of user applications, which can be conducted all at the same time through a single terminal.

* Certain network devices must be arranged locally, in order for you to make use of some of the applications.

Social communication and increased welfare for crewmembers

Crewmembers are now able to make private phone calls or send SMS using their SIM card to their friends and families back home. They can also browse the web to read news from home, football results or any other news of their interests.

Educational opportunities for crewmembers using distance learning

Using their off-duty time in a more productive manner has become very popular amongst navigators. VSAT allows crewmembers to attend off-campus distance learning courses through IP applications such as videoconferencing or IP-TV to further enhance their skills and academic levels while off-duty.

Trouble-shooting in case of equipment failure

In case of failure of engine or other onboard equipment, chief engineers onboard can set up live, on-the-spot remote condition-review and trouble-shooting sessions with service engineers from various manufacturers onshore by using two-way live video streaming. A reliable high bandwidth connection is essential for enabling these functions, and VSAT provides a perfect solution.

Real-time chart and weather information update for route optimization*

Navigators can now update chart as well as weather information in real-time by which the optimal, fuel-efficient routes can be plotted from port to port based upon the up-to-the-minute chart and weather information.

* available in the future

Briefing with the head office, port authorities and others

Chief officers can conduct briefing with the head offices, port authorities and ship chandlers by using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and web mail for various occasions. Alternatively, they can make use of two-way live video streaming to facilitate videoconferencing if needed.

"Always on" connectivity to the internet and the head office's network through secure VPN connection

Crewmembers can access the company's intranet through secure VPN connection.

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