Application for the Evaluation Kits

We thank you very much for your interest in FURUNO GPS Chips & Modules.

We have evaluation kits for the following products. Please contact us by "Contact Form" or through the contact list of our regional offices directly, if you wish to evaluate our GPS for your products.

GPS/GNSS Receiver Chip

Evaluation Kit Name Corresponding Model
eRideOPUS 7 Evaluation Kit Multi-GNSS Receiver Chip eRideOPUS 7 ePV7010B
eRideOPUS 6 Evaluation Kit ePV6010B

GPS/GNSS Receiver Module

Evaluation Kit Name Corresponding Model
GN-87 EvaluationKit Multi-GNSS Receiver Module GN-87
GV-87 EvaluationKit GV-87
GT-88 EvaluationKit Timing Multi-GNSS Receiver Module GT-88
GF-8801 EvaluationKit Multi-GNSS Disciplined Oscillator GF-8801
GF-8802 EvaluationKit GF-8802
GF-8803 EvaluationKit GF-8803
GF-8804 EvaluationKit GF-8804
GF-8805 EvaluationKit Multi-GNSS Disciplined Oscillator GF-8805