Enhance radar monitoring by connecting additional devices

AIS FA-30/50/150

AIS Receiver FA-30 AIS FA-150

AIS provides accurate information that can be utilized for collision avoidance

Once interfaced with the AIS, MODEL 1835 radar series allows enhanced monitoring of vessel traffic around your vessel for safer navgation.
The information that the FA-30/50/150 receives includes the vessel name and call sign, position, course, speed over ground, and other useful information. Since AIS targets can be received even if they are not within line of sight, AIS enhances situational awareness in congested waterways, limited visibility or heavy sea conditions.
  • Enhances safe navigation by receiving critical navigation information from AIS-equipped vessels nearby
  • Vastly improves situational awareness in any adverse conditions including dense fog, darkness, and heavy traffic
  • Dual parallel channel, "Full Duplex" receiver design receives AIS contact messages up to 100% more often than dual channel "Multiplexing" receivers
  • Fully satisfies the technical standards for Class-B AIS, IEC 62287-1 (FA-50)
  • Fully satisfies the international regulations and standards (FA-150)
    ・IMO MSC.74(69) Annex 3・ITU-R M.1371・IEC 60993-2
    ・IEC 60945・MTSA 2002 - U.S. AIS Requirements
  • Compact 4.5" silver bright display
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Satellite Compass SC-30/50/110

Satellite Compass SC-30 Satellite Compass SC-50 Satellite Compass SC-110

Revolutionary satellite compass provides highly accurate attitude data to navigation systems

True echo trail function can be performed when the SC-30/50/110 is connected with MODEL 1835 series radar. True echo trail is helpful for determining own ship's movement monitoring. Heading accuracy and sensing speed ensures that trails are displayed in smooth lines.
  • Heading accuracy of 1.0゚ rms (SC-30/50)
  • Heading accuracy of 0.6゚ rms (SC-110)
  • Short start-up time of 3 minutes
  • Excellent follow-up rate of 45゚/s exceeds requirements for high speed craft
  • Free from regular maintenance
  • Compact 4.5" silver bright display (SC-50/110)
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An inexpensive magnetic heading sensor for pleasure craft and coastal fishing boats

The PG-500 consists of a fluxgate sensor, solid-state rate gyroscope, processor and serial data interfaces. The PG-500 outputs the heading data to MODEL 1835 series radar in the format of IEC 61162, NMEA 0183 or FURUNO AD-10 format.
  • Automatic correction for local magnetic variation with an appropriate GPS navigator or manual correction with an optional remote display RD-30
  • High stability by a solid-state rate gyroscope
  • Compact waterproof housing with visual status indicators for a simple installation
  • Three heading data output ports: two IEC/NMEA ports, one AD-10 port
  • High speed heading data output in IEC 61162-2 format
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