1st Watch Wireless Radar

The world's first wireless Radar

You can access directly from your iOS devices.



Move around and explore.

With the new 1st Watch Wireless Radar, you can do things previously impossible. You can bring the Radar display where ever you go, even put it on the iPhone in your pocket.

Get it at the 1st glance.

Plug in the Radar, set up the app from App Store and you're good to go. With familiar gestures it's a breeze to use, you can even use two iOS devices simultaneously.

Less cables, more flexibility.

Installation is simple with its compact and lightweight Radar antenna. Mount it, plug in the power cord and you're done.

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iOS App

Download on the App Store

Marine Radar – iOS App

To use the 1st Watch Wireless Radar (DRS4W), you will need to download the Marine Radar app from Apple App Store. The app is available for free, just click the App Store button below.

  • Guard zone alarm is now available!
    Adjust the size and area of the guard zone by dragging the circles. Once the guard zone is activated, your iPad or iPhone will alert you whenever a target enters or leaves the guard zone.
    * Marine Radar App ver. 2.0.0 required.

  • To start the 1st Watch Wireless Radar you just have to press the TX button.

  • Pressing the (+) and (-) buttons will change the range, the range rings will also change accordingly. The range rings are spaced at even intervals making it easy to judge distances in the blink of an eye.

  • For increased visibility you can choose between Day and Night mode. The color of the Radar echoes can also be changed.

  • With one touch, a small popup window will appear, giving you the bearing and distance to the target of your choice. This is great if you want to know how far away a boat is that you've just spotted.

  • Off center, a practical way to see further ahead. Just drag your finger on the screen.

This application is aimed at being a help during the voyage. Electronic aids are not a replacement for basic navigation skills and common sense.

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Model NameDRS4W
Peak Output Power4 kW
Typeø488 mm Radome (19 inch)
Frequency9410 ± 30 MHz
Range Scales0.125 to 24 nm
Antenna Rotation Speed24 rpm
Wind LoadRelative wind 70 kn
The number of connectable devices
iOS devices2 units
Communication Frequency2.4 GHz band
DisplayiPad™/iPad mini™/iPhone™
Compliant OSiOS6/iOS7/iOS8/iOS9
User DirectionVertical/Horizontal (iPad, iPad mini only)
Method of obtaining"Marine Radar" at Apple Store (Free of charge)
ModeAuto Gain, Auto STC, Rain, Auto Noise rejector, Sector blank, Off center, Cursor position, Guard zone alarm
12/24 V, 2.1-1.0 A (max)
Temperature-25°C to +55°C
1. Antenna Unit RSB-1261. Radome mount OP03-93
2. Power cable 10/15/20/30 m
* Please note that iOS devices are sold separately and do not come included with this product.


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