Topic 13 - Fish finder configuration

Small to medium sized fish finders for pleasure boats usually come with a main display unit and a transducer. Inside the main display unit we find the circuitry for transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves, as well as, circuitry for processing the data to display information on screen amongst other things. The transducer contains a small oscillator, a piezoceramic element, that sends out ultrasonic pulse waves into the water column.

In order for communication between the transducer and the main unit to take place, a cable is needed to connect them both. Electricity is also needed; the power cord is attached to the main unit and then connected to the battery.

The main unit should be set up next to the ship controls on the helm to make operation easy, while the transducer needs to be mounted properly. There are several different mounting possibilities, which will be covered in the section 15. Transducers that are mounted on small sized pleasure boats are usually not bigger than 3-7cm. The transducer is shaped like a nut with a bolt that can be attached at the end. The length is roughly 12cm and when inserted through the hull, it can be mounted properly by using the accompanying bolt to fasten it.

Fish finders for smaller pleasure boats and fishing boats usually come with these two units included. Fish finders for larger pleasure boats and fishing vessels can vary a little bit more in terms of what comes included, there might be more parts and their design will differ slightly.