Sailing around the world, a Formidable Challenge! A Double-handed Yacht Race Record of "GLOBE 40" Sailing around the world, a Formidable Challenge! A Double-handed Yacht Race Record of "GLOBE 40"

Trip Log

If you have the courage and a strong desire to
keep challenging yourself, you can realize your dreams.
FURUNO identifies with team MILAI's vision and would like to support them to
achieve a big dream of going around the world.

As the No.1 cheering party of team MILAI, we are pleased to record their
wonderful experience and share their stories with you.
Let's support this big challenge together.

©Anne Beaugé


GLOBE 40 is a double-handed yacht race going around the world.
It is a great adventure with a total distance of 55,000km starting from Tanger(Morocco) in June 2022, divided into 8 legs (sections) and visiting 7 ports around the world.


LEG 1Tanger

Cap vert
LEG 2Cap vert

LEG 3Mauritius

LEG 4Auckland

LEG 5Papeete

LEG 6Ushaia

LEG 7Recife

LEG 8Grenada

(Nautical Mile)
966 1894 7725 6923 2710 5062 3595 2150 3366
DEPARTURE 2022/6/11 2022/6/26 2022/7/17 2022/9/11 2022/10/27 2022/11/26 2023/1/5 2023/2/6 2023/2/26
ARRIVAL 2022/6/17 2022/7/6 2022/8/20 2022/10/7 2022/11/9 2022/12/17 2023/1/22 2023/2/15 2023/3/15
DAYS 6 10 34 26 13 21 17 9 17

Trip Log

An around-the-world trip, let's dive into an unknown world.

Sometimes coming across a steep stormy, sometimes suffering from windless.
Seabirds, fish, starry sky...the nature that can only be seen at sea during the race.
And new encounters and discoveries at the port of each leg ...
There will be an "unusual" daily life that cannot be experienced in normal times.
Let’s enjoy this big adventure with team MILAI!


Why do people challenge?
It's probably because they always want to look for
something that no one has ever seen.

Going farther, higher and deeper than anyone else, challenging the world with an inquisitive mind.
FURUNO would like to support such people and to be always with them.

  • Masatomo Suzuki Japan Skipper(Captain)

    I can finally realize my big dream, going around the world on a yacht through Globe40. I will make every effort to get good results and complete 30,000 miles by enjoying every move during the race!

    Started sailing in his childhood and gained achievements in All-Japan Championships and World Championships. After graduating from university, he worked at Hitachi Solutions Co., Ltd. However, he quit the job because he could not forget his admiration for the ocean that sprouted in his childhood and made his dream come true through the achievement of the Mini Transat 2019 (solo transatlantic yacht race).
    "I want to see the ocean of the world." His new ambition starts from challenging Globe40.

    Main Results
    • ・All Japan Intercollegiate championship
    • ・National Sports Festival prize
    • ・All Japan Moss Class Championship 2nd place
    • ・Japan Cup Championship 3rd place
    • ・The second Japanese completed the Mini Transat
  • Koji Nakagawa Japan Team owner / Co-Skipper

    The start was extended by one year due to covid-19, but it gave us time to be so prepared for going around the world safely and quickly! I will do my best!

    He started sailing from the Optimist and now enjoys everything from racing to cruising on a keelboat. He continues to support Suzuki from his participation in the Mini Transat.With one of his dreams, participating in the ocean race, he is being specially trained for Globe40.
    Vice President of PhoneAppli Co., Ltd.

    Main Results
    • ・All Japan Laser Radial Championship Youth Championship
    • ・National Sports Festival 3rd place
    • ・1998 Laser Radial Japan National Team
  • Anne Beaugé France Co-Skipper

    Our challenge has finally started! I have a wonderful sailing experience while feeling a lot of nature.

    She became involved in sailing in 2014 because of her job as a cameraman.
    After that, she started sailing in earnest and completed the Mini Transat 2019 with intense training.
    Her strong willpower, excellent sailing sense, and wonderful photographs have influenced many sailors. Now, she is one of the sailors who are attracting a lot of attention.

  • Andrea Fantini Italy Co-Skipper

    Globe 40 is a tough challenge, a fantastic way to sail around the world. I am happy and I feel lucky to be part of Milai’s team which is made by great guys and sailors.

    He began sailing in the Adriatic Sea from his childhood and achieved his first transatlantic flight in 2006.
    He turned to short-handed sailing after a world battle in team VOR70 “Maserati” and participated in the solo transatlantic yacht race "Route du Rhum" 2018 as the only Italian sailor.
    He has accumulated a lot of experience in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, including 16 transatlantic flights. In Globe40, he will be on board in Leg2 (Cap vert→Mauritius), which is the hardest part of the race.

  • Estelle Greck France Co-Skipper

    The Globe40 will allow us to discover magnificent ports of call and will allow us to go sailing in places we are not used to.

    She started sailing when she was in elementary school, and gained a lot of experience in the Optimist, 420, and the Catamaran Dinghy.
    While worked as a crew on a passenger ship, she has been preparing for the Mini Transat. Participated in the Mini Transat 2017 and finished it in the upper ranks with an old Pogo 2.
    She has offered advice and guidance for Suzuki about the Mini-Transat since 2018 and is one of Suzuki's reliable sailors on the ocean sailing.

  • Luca Rosetti Italy Reserved Co-Skipper

    A great opportunity to do experience and have fun on a super boat. I really enjoy go sailing on Milai with Suzuki.

    He became involved in sailing at the age of six and participated in many competitions centered on the Dinghy.
    He finished his first offshore race in 2016 and was so obsessed with the charm of the ocean that participated in the Mini Transat 2019 (18th place). Taking advantage of that experience, he is training hard to get the upper ranks of the Mini Transat 2023.
    To expand the range of his activities, he participated in Class 40, and this time he will go sailing in Globe40 with team MILAI as a reserved member.