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Navigational equipment training

From student to ship owner, we have the right type of ship handling simulator systems and training service.

Manoeuvring Training (Furuno Maritime Training)

FURUNO Maritime Training is our training center that aims to increase navigational safety at sea with high-quality training solutions.
The training center provides state-of-the-art training and education for maritime professionals. The training is based on FURUNO's more than 60 years experience gained by being a supplier to the maritime community.
The training center is approved by the Danish Maritime Authority, which authorises us to conduct maritime education and training.

ECDIS CBT (Training solution)

The FURUNO ECDIS CBT (Computer Based Training) is a training solution where trainees are able to take FURUNO Type specific ECDIS training on their own PCs. Since ECDIS CBT does not require constant internet access, trainees can study ECDIS CBT when and wherever they may choose.

For educational institutions, Navigational equipment training

A simulator system aimed for Maritime college, High School and Merchant Marine Academy students that prospect to become full fledged sailors. With a full-mission simulator system built up like a real bridge, Radar and ECDIS training in a realistic environment is possible. Courses can be changed and tailored to fit the unique needs of the client.

Radar and ECDIS simulator

System configuration (example)

System configuration (example)

Example Setup


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