Make your sonar 3D. 3D Sonar Visualizer F3D-S

3D Sonar Visualizer™ F3D-S is a new product that works in conjunction with the FSV-25/25 MARK-2 to show fish and sonar information in 3 dimensions. It uses the hull unit of your existing sonar but then processes the information in a unique way to show fish, peaks and sea floor data in a 3 dimensional “real world” view. The seabed can be removed from the picture to leave just what you want to see... Fish. Clearly see the size and shape of midwater fish marks to assess the best way to fish them and, with careful and simple adjustment of the depth line control, remove the seabed echoes to visualize fish schools close to the seabed.


Display Overview

3D-View mode

The 3D-View mode allows you to view the surroundings from all angles. It is the ideal tool to have for an accurate 3D representation of the area.

Top-View mode

The Top-View mode displays all echoes in a single horizontal plane around your ship. This mode allows you to accurately assess the horizontal distance to a fish school and know its direction with precision.

Side-View mode

The Side-View mode displays all echoes in a single vertical plane as seen from the stern of the ship. When the "Rotate Top-View/Side-View" mode is activated, this vertical section image is linked to the viewpoint of the 3D-View mode. This mode is used to measure the depth of a school of fish.

Vslice-View mode

The Vslice-View mode shows the echoes in a vertical plane and in a specific orientation, same as the vertical echoes of FSV-25/25 MARK-2. It can display vertical planes in two different directions. The Vslice-View mode is very useful for viewing the echo in a vertical plane at a specific direction. In addition, it makes it possible to compare the depth of two targets located in two different directions.


Comparison between Conventional 2D Sonar and 3D Sonar Visualizer™

In 2D view it can be difficult to get a clear understanding of the height or depth of a fish school without careful use of the tilt control. This becomes even harder in shallow water. Using 3D Sonar Visualizer™ F3D-S allows you to remove the seabed from the picture and gain a very clear understanding of the shape, height and depth of the fish mark.
3D Sonar Visualizer™ F3D-S also allows you to clearly see the way the fish mark is lying in relation to the vessel both along and above the ground.

  • FSV-25/25 MARK-2

    Tilt: arbitrary (The setting of the degree is needed.)

  • 3D Sonar Visualizer™

    Tilt: NA (The setting of the degree is not needed.)

Screenshots taken at the same moment

Fish schools of surface to middle layer can be observed at the same time.

  • Clear to see the exact distribution of fish schools at a glance
  • Easy to deduce the optimum tilt angle for the horizontal mode
  • Simple and reliable monitoring of any object underwater

Movement of fish schools can be viewed instantly.

3D Sonar Visualizer™ allows fishermen to
- Prevent by-catch
- Anticipate fish escape

  • This picture shows the escape behavior of a fish school.

  • This picture seems to show cod feeding on capelin. A small school of fish is clearly observed below the capelin school.

All-around 3D visualization of fish schools and gear.

Store and replay both screen images and equipment settings.

4 Display Views: 3D, Top View, Side View and Vertical Slice.

InstantAccess bar™ for direct access to menus.

Easy and immediate entry of common marks: Echo Area, Event, Purse Net, Trawl, etc.

InstantAccess bar™

You can quickly access a series of tasks required for fishing without having to navigate through a deep hierarchy of menus.

Upper bar

  • Reset the viewpoint
  • Scale or move the view
  • Enter echo region marks / event marks / purse net mark / trawl mark
  • Set the seabed settings
  • User program settings

Lower bar

  • Save the View Setting (3 sets)
  • Connect / disconnect the processor to FSV-25/25 MARK-2
  • Start / stop data recording
  • Replay the echo data


Echo Region Mark

The Echo Region Mark is a useful function for predicting the volume of a school of fish. In this function, once you clicked a point on the echo that is strongly displayed on the 3D-View, Top-View, or Side-View, the echo area including the point is displayed in yellow or cyan lines. The volume for echo region mark is displayed at the right of the screen.

  • Volume for echo region mark 1 and 2
  • Echo region mark 1 is displayed in yellow lines.
  • Echo region mark 2 is displayed in cyan lines.

Seabed Color Indication function

"Seabed Color Indication" makes it possible to mask a specific area (below yellow line). This allows easier identification of fish echoes close to the seabed. This function also allows discrimination of schools.

Connect / Disconnect button

Model FSV-25/25 MARK-2 Model F3D-S

It is easy to communicate with the FSV-25/25 MARK-2

For Purse Seiner

Purse Net Mark

With the Purse Net Mark, you can generate a visual 3D representation image of the net. This virtual net in 3D allows you to compare size and depth of both the fish schools and the net for better and faster decision making.

For Trawler

Trawl Mark

Display the following marks: Trawl door, net and wire in the 3D representation image. When a fish school is detected, trawl marks assist in positioning the doors and net for a big catch.

Trawl Filter

The echoes from trawl doors are emphasized and the echoes of ship wake and seabed are suppressed.


Product name 3D Sonar Visualizer™
Model name F3D-S


Frequency 20 kHz
Range 100 m to 5000 m (50 m step selectable)
Horizontal search range 0° to 360°
Vertical search range 0° to 60° (downward)
Presentation mode 3D-View, Side-View, Top-View, Vslice-View
*When connected to the FSV-25/25 MARK-2.

PC (requirements)

OS Microsoft® Windows® 10 Pro/Home (English or Japanese)
CPU Intel® Core™ i5 or better
GPU NVIDIA GeForce® GTX1060 or better
Memory Minimum 4 GB
SSD/HDD Minimum 250 GB
I/O Ethernet 100Base-T, USB2.0 or better (for USB protect key)

Standard Supply

1. CD-ROM 1 pc.
2. USB Protection Key 1 pc.
3. Installation Manual 1 pc.

Interconnection Diagram


This product is compatible with FULL-CIRCLE COLOR SCANNING SONAR FSV-25/25 MARK-2
For more information about our FSV-25/25 MARK-2, please click the link below.

FSV-25/25 MARK-2

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