Attain Highly Accurate & Stable Speed Measurement


Highly Accurate Measurements

When a vessel moves through the water, acoustic noise is created and is known as a boundary layer. This noise layer can cause errors with acoustic devices. By measuring speed through water (STW) farther away from the keel, the DS-85 penetrates through this noise and boundary layer resulting in a more stable and accurate speed measurement compared to an electromagnetic speed log.

Highly Accurate Measurements

Better Stability

With the new transducer and newly designed process algorithm, the impact of foam is reduced, enabling highly accurate and stable ship speed information.

Better Stability
Measurement Image

Improved Interference Immunity

Development of a transducer equipped with the latest technology
  1. Usage of a high frequency with a strong foam resistance
  2. Achievement of an optimal ultrasonic width and angle
Significant improvement of the signal processing capability

Compact Gate Valve (Option)

Comparison between the DS-80 valve (40kg)
Comparison between the DS-80 valve (40kg)
and the DS-85 valve (27kg)

The new compact and lightweight ball-type gate valve is 30% lighter than the traditional valve. When replacing the previous model (DS-80), the same tank or valve can be used, reducing the cost of a retrofit.

Easy-to-Read Display

Easy-to-Read Display

Easy-to-read display screen even from a distance, thanks to large characters and clear, bright tones

Complies with the latest IMO, IEC Standards

IMO A.694(17) IEC61023 Ed.3.0
IMO A.824(19) IEC61162-1 Ed.5.0
IMO MSC.36(63) EC61162-2 Ed.1.0
IMO MSC.97(73) IEC61162-450 Ed.2.0
IMO MSC.191(79) IEC62288 Ed.2.0
IMO MSC.302(87) IEC60945 Ed.4.0
IEC62923-1/-2 Ed.1.0

Interconnection Diagram

*1 When connecting two RD-50, use the power supply onboard. The Distribution Box can only supply power to one device.
*2 For the DS-8510-LIF, the LIF board configuration is standard.
*3 The cable lenght (Distribution Box to Tranceiver Box) is up to 400m. If necessary, use the Junction Box.



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