Aiming to bring safety and peace of mind to navigation for the public, FURUNO's advanced technology continues to evolve for our customers.

Based on deep-rooted knowledge, skills and know-how acquired from over 70 years of business, we strive to see beyond the possible and beyond the invisible in our three core technologies: Sensing, Processing and Communication.

Radar – High-definition digital vision for your boat, ensuring the safety of your voyage

Ensuring the comfort of all travelers and the safety of all ships no matter the circumstances or where you are in the world!
This is what FURUNO believes in while pursuing the technological evolution of its Radars.
To protect yourself from the numerous dangers and make a safe voyage across the seas, it is vital to use a radar that can see things for you.
Here are a variety of technologies used by FURUNO Radars.

  • Technologies to easily see what should be seen
  • Technologies to analyze the movements of other ships
  • Technologies to deliver highly reliable information
  • Continuing Evolution of Radar Technology