Fish farming

AI Fish Weight Estimation Camera Model UC-300/600


AI analysis improves efficiency of aquaculture operations

UC-300/600 monitors the growth of fish in a cage. It captures images of the fish and AI analysis provides fish weight distribution and the average of fish weight.


  • Compact and Easy to Operate

    Lightweight, compact, user friendly and simple operation makes it easy for anyone to handle.
  • Two types available for both small and large cages

    The distance between the camera and the fish varies depending on the species of the fish, the size of the cage and the density of the fish in the cage.
    By using the appropriate camera model based on the needs of each user, it provides highly accurate fish weight and its distribution.

    UC-300 Target fish: Yellowtail, Great Amberjack, Red Sea Bream, Salmon, etc.
    UC-600 Target fish: Bluefin tuna, Yellowtail, etc.

    *Note: The available fish species are expanding.

  • Precise measurement

    Furuno's unique image processing technology allows clear recognition even in murky sea water.

    Image Processing Patterns(Top left image is normal.)
  • Grasping fish growth by AI analysis!

    All the data recorded by UC-300/600 are analyzed by AI software on cloud to measure fork-length and body height of the fish, and to estimate fish weight according to the estimated algorithm for each fish. Based on the analysis results, optimal feeding and production plans can be established to realize an efficient and stable fish farming business.

    Aqua Scope (examples)

    Top page of Aqua Scope. The latest status of all fish cages in the site can be checked at a glance.
    Growth comparison between cages

    You can check the growth curve of farmed fish for each fish cage over time.
    Distribution of measurement data

    Visualize the distribution status of up to 4 data such as weight, fork-length, body height, and condition factor.
    2-axis graph display

    Comparing two data, such as average weight and average condition factor, over time.
  • System Configuration

    * Internet access is provided via Wi-Fi or LTE (4G) line at the customer's office. 4G requires a SIM card to be arranged by the customer.
    1. Carrying UC-300/600 to the cage.
    2. Connect the camera unit to the communication unit and drop the camera unit into the cage.
    3. The camera unit records images while monitoring inside of the cage with the dedicated smartphone.
      Files recorded by the camera unit are downloaded to the smartphone.
    4. Upload the recording files to the cloud server dedicated for AI analysis.
    5. View and download analysis results by logging into the dedicated web application from your PC or mobile device.


Camera Unit

UC-300(For small fish cages)
UC-600(For large fish cages)
Target fish species
UC-300: Yellowtail, Great Amberjack, Red Sea Bream, Salmon, etc.
UC-600: Bluefin tuna, Yellowtail, etc.
*Note: The available fish species are expanding.
Image Resolution
1936 × 1464 pixel
UC-300: 8.8 Kg
UC-600: 11 Kg
Cable length
Standard 20 m
*Other lengths up to 40 m are also available.
Temperature range
0°C to + 40°C (in water)
Degrees of Protection

Communications Unit

External dimensions
W363 mm × L282 mm × H120 mm
3.1 Kg
Power Supply
AC100 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
50 W
Degrees of Protection


Complete fish weight estimation camera system

The system consists of 3 units; "camera unit", "communication unit" and "smartphone".

*The power supply battery for the communication unit is to be arranged by the customer.


* Specifications subject to change without notice.