Discontinued Products

Service maintenance availability for ocean-going merchant marine products is normally 10 years after production has terminated. This period of maintenance support is based upon the “Japan Marine Equipment Association” (JSMEA) document, “Guidelines for Navigation and Radio Communication Equipment Maintenance”. For the commercial fishery and leisure marine products, we offer several years (or reasonable period) of service maintenance availability after the termination of production.

We try our utmost to provide service maintenance of the product for as long as possible. However, please note that this maintenance period depends upon availability of genuine FURUNO spare parts. Users shall be responsible for any unexpected casualty caused by deterioration of function and or durability when a product has been used for an extended period of time. Users shall also be responsible for any casualty caused by Non-factory approved installations, alterations, modifications, or improper repair by a non-Authorized Furuno Distributer/Dealer.

Equipment repair service is not available for products out of the maintenance period. Please confirm if your product is out of the maintenance period from the following list.

Maintenance service availability status for our discontinued products

Spare parts availability:
All spare parts currently available
Certain spare parts no longer available
All spare parts unavailable
Service maintenance discontinued

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Please contact your local distributor if you wish to make inquiry concerning the products not on the list.


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