Satellite EPIRB

Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon Model Tron 60AIS NEW

New Performance Standard Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon

EPIRBs are devices that send distress signals when a vessel is in a critical situation, notifying ground stations in each country about the emergency. Distress signals are transmitted to ground stations via Cospas-Sarsat satellites, enabling the identification of the vessel's name and the precise location of the distress signal with AIS and GNSS.

Recreational Boats Merchant Marine Fishing Vessels Workboats


  • Approved in accordance with the latest EPIRB standard

  • Choice of two types of brackets: float-free type (FB-60) and manual type (MB-60)

    The Tron 60AIS EPIRB comes with two types of brackets for deployment: a manual bracket that can be carried on life rafts or lifeboats, and a float-free bracket that automatically detaches from the main unit upon water immersion, thanks to a water pressure sensor.

    Tron 60AIS/FB60 (Float-Free Bracket)

    Tron 60AIS/MB60 (Manual Bracket)
  • AIS homing technology included for faster localization

  • Prepared for RLS through Galileo GNSS

    The Tron 60AIS can be used with the Galileo Return Link System, Europe’s Global Navigation Satellite System (operational since January 2020).

  • IR LED light for night vision devices and assisted SAR

    Tron 60AIS has both regular LED light and infrared light emitting diode (IR LED) incorporated. This IR LED allows the use of night vision, which better assists SAR operations that occur at night or in the dark.
  • 11 year and 3 month total battery lifetime

  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Type Approved

    The Tron 60AIS is compliant with the IMO regulation (as of July 2022) , SOLAS regulation and has been tested for operational and performance requirements in accordance with the international standard, IEC 61097-2 Ed.4 (April 2021).
    MED, MER(UK), FCC, CSS, ANATEL, IC and MLIT(JAPAN) approved.


    Item Name Satellite EPIRB Float-Free Bracket Manual Bracket
    Type Approval Tron 60AIS FB-60 MB-60
    Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Approval Certificate NO.5730 Certificate NO.5731
    Cospas-Sarsat TAC No. 351
    *The HRU kit is included with the FB-60.



Class 2
EPIRB Category
Tron 60AIS/FB-60
EPIRB with Float-Free Bracket

Tron 60AIS/MB-60
EPIRB with Manual Bracket
Glass reinforced Polycarbonate
Compass Safe Distance
Standard: 0.80 m, Steering: 0.60 m
Cospas-Sarsat Transmitter
Frequency: 406.031 MHz
Output power: 5 W
Homing Transmitter
Output power: Up to 100 mW
Frequency: 121.5 MHz
Navigation Device
Supported GNSS constellations : GPS, GLONASS, Galileo
AIS Transmitter
Frequency: 161.975 MHz (AIS 1) 162.025 MHz (AIS 2)
Output Power: 1 W


Operating temperature
-20 ℃ to 55 ℃
Battery Operating Time
More than 48 hours at -20 ℃


Standard Configuration
Tron 60AIS/FB-60
EPIRB with Float-Free Bracket

Tron 60AIS/MB-60
EPIRB with Manual Bracket
Tron 60AIS/FB-60
151 (W) x 153 (L) x 385 (H) mm

Tron 60AIS/MB-60
135 (W) x 135 (L) x 339 (H) mm
Tron 60AIS/FB-60
EPIRB: 0.7 kg Float-Free Bracket: 1.0 kg

Tron 60AIS/MB-60
EPIRB: 0.7 kg Manual Bracket: 0.15 kg


  • Tron 60AIS Brochure
    (Last update: Jul 3, 2023)

* Specifications subject to change without notice.