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GPS Disciplined Oscillator Model GF-180TCDiscontinued Products

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GF-180TC is ultra compact and low cost GPS Disciplined Oscillator. It has VCTCXO as a base oscillator, which is overwhelmingly ultra compact and low cost comparing with OCXO.

High stability frequency is generated with locking on the timing signal from GPS receiver.
The GF-180TC Receives GPS signals and generates 1PPS (pulse per second) synchronized with UTC as well as 10MHz sine wave and square wave coherent to 1PPS.

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  • Possible to generate 1PPS synchronized with UTC as well as 10MHz sine wave and square wave coherent to 1PPS

  • The GF-180TC realizes the coherency within ±10ns accuracy between the falling edge of 1PPS and the zero crossing of 10MHz.

  • The GF-180TC adapts TCXO (Temperature compensated crystal oscillator). The accuracy by itself is 10-6approx.(1ppm). The excellent high accuracy is realized by the combination with GPS.

  • Designed especially for wireless broadband base stations for CDMA, WiMAX and LTE.



GNSS Reception CapabilityGPS L1 C/A
GNSS Reception12 channels (GPS)
Sensitivity-133dBm ~ -110dBm
10MHz Output (Lock State)Frequency Accuracy:< ±1×10-11
Short Term Stability:< ±5×10-10
1PPS Output (Lock State)1PPS Accuracy: < ±200ns(95%)
10MHz Output (Holdover)Short Term Stability: 5×10-10 (Typ)
1PPS Output (Holdover)1PPS Accuracy: <±1μs/100s (Typ)
Supply Voltage3.3VDC
Power Consumption0.2A and lower (3.3V, Normal Status)
Operating Temperature-40°C to +85°C
Antenna DetectionShort and Open Detection
Alarm OutputAvailable
Outer Size51mm×51mm×16mm
ProtocolNMEA 0183, TOD




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