GPS/GNSS Modules

GPS Disciplined Oscillator Model GF-8048

The GF-8048, GPS Disciplined Oscillator, is designed specifically for digital terrestrial broadcasting applications.

The GF-8048 can be used at the digital terrestrial broadcasting main stations as well as at satellite stations since it can output highly accurate and stable 1PPS and 10MHz even in blocked spaces or in severe conditions such as high electrical field areas.
The GF-8048 has a GPS receiver and a rubidium oscillator. It receives GPS signals and generates 1PPS (pulse per second) synchronized with UTC as well as 10MHz sine wave coherent to 1PPS.
The GF-8048 offers completely maintenance-free stability. Periodic maintenance work is not necessary.



  • Highly-stable frequency and high accurate UTC time can be easily obtained worldwide.

  • The GF-8048 incorporates rubidium oscillator as a base oscillator. The excellent low phase noise is realized by the combination of OCXO and GPS.

  • The GF-8048 can continuously output high accurate and stable 1PPS and 10MHz even if GPS receiver loses the GPS satellite signals in holdover mode.

  • The GF-8048 realizes the coherency within +/- 10ns accuracy between the falling edge of 1PPS and the zero crossing of 10MHz sine wave.

  • Every rubidium oscillator needs periodical calibration to maintain high accuracy output. The GF-8048 has an “Automatic calibration function” by using GPS as a reference. The real time control by GPS realizes complete maintenance-free GPS-steered Frequency

  • Designed specially for digital terrestrial broadcasting transmitter (Main stations/Sub stations).

  • Enhance performance in combination with recommended antenna

    AU-300 Multi-GNSS Timing Antenna delivers both high stability and high robustness.



GNSS Reception Capability
GNSS Reception
12 channels (GPS)
-133dBm to -110dBm
10MHz Output (Lock State)
Frequency Accuracy:< ±1×10-11
1PPS Output (Lock State)
1PPS Accuracy: < ±100ns ( 95%)
10MHz Output (Holdover)
Holdover: ±2×10-11/1h, ±3×10-11/12h
1PPS Output (Holdover)
1PPS Accuracy: < ±400ns/1h
10MHz Output (No GPS mode (Free running Rubidium))
Free running Rubidium: Frequency Accuracy :< ±5×10-10/year
Supply Voltage
Operating Temperature
-10°C to +45°C (Performance Assurance Temperature)
-20°C to +60°C (Operating Temperature)
Antenna Detection
Short and Open Detection
Alarm Output
Open Collector Output, LED Display
Outer Size
NMEA 0183



* Specifications subject to change without notice.