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Multi-GNSS Disciplined Oscillator Model GF-8803 NEW

Extremely high stability of 4.5ns (1sigma) using a single band receiver
In comformity with G.8272 PRTC-A, PRTC-B

GF-8803 outputs 1PPS synchronized with UTC as well as 10MHz coherent to 1PPS.
UTC time-synchronized signal performance to meet 5G requirments is obtained without any changes to existing single band GNSS antennas.
It also incorporates Dynamic Satellite Selection™, which is a new satellite signal selection algorithm developed by NTT. Thanks to that GF-8803 permits GNSS antennas to be mounted more freely than ever before including wall mounting and window mounting installations.



  • Generates UTC-synchronized 1PPS (pulse per second) and continuously disciplined 10 MHz

  • Coherent behavior between time pulse (jitter less 1PPS) and frequency (10 MHz)

  • Concurrent reception of GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/QZSS/SBAS

  • Extremely high stability of 4.5ns (1sigma) using a single band receiver
    In comformity with G.8272 PRTC-A, PRTC-B

    FURUNO technology made it possible to achieve 5G-required performance. 4.5ns (1 sigma) by a single band receiver is obtained. GF-8803 is in comformitity with G.8272 PRTC-B. This is achieved by an improved and advanced position estimation algorithm. It optimizes position calculations using several different GNSS satellite constellations. It allows users to achieve 5G-required performance without changing existing single band GNSS antennas.

    >> White Paper: High Stability of 4.5ns (1 sigma) using a single band GNSS timing receiver

  • GNSS antennas can be mounted on walls and windows of tall buildings

    The Dynamic Satellite Selection™* minimizes deterioration of time synchronization performance by choosing only the high quality satellite signals
    * a new satellite signal selection algorithm developed by NTT

    >> White Paper: Industry-leading multipath mitigation in urban canyon environments

    * GF-8803 : GT-88 + OCXO
  • Industry-leading holdover performance

    Provides highly accurate timing signals even if satellite reception is lost due to antenna failure or jamming issues
    ・Even if GNSS falls into unlock, the FURUNO GNSSDO will predict oscillator behavior and automatically make corrections thanks to FURUNO's Advanced Oscillator Control Function
    ・Achieved superior cost/performance as a atomic oscillator replacement
  • Wide product range in terms of size and holdover performance

    Supports the same output format as well as pin-compatible design (GF-8801GF-8802GF-8803)
    ・GNSSDO can be customized to meet unique customer requirements

    MODEL 1PPS Accuracy 10MHz Short Term Stability
    (Root Allan variance ( =1s))
    Size (mm)
    Lock State Holdover
    Lock State, Holdover
    GF-8801 < ±40ns - < 5×10-10 34×27×11
    GF-8802 < ±40ns < ±50μs/24H < 5×10-11 34×27×15.5
    GF-8803 < ±40ns < ±10μs/24H < 2×10-11 34×27×20
    GF-8804 < ±40ns < ±5μs/24H < 1×10-11 100×52×20
    GF-8805 < ±40ns < ±1.5μs/24H < 1×10-11 100×52×20

    [Test data]
    1PPS Timing Accuracy <± X μs continued from start of holdover.
     * Reference information only, values not guaranteed.
    MODEL 1PPS Accuracy
    < ±0.1μs < ±0.4μs < ±1.1μs < ±1.5μs < ±5μs < ±10μs
    GF-8802 - - 1H 2H 8H 16H
    GF-8803 - 1H 3H 4H 16H -
    GF-8804 - 2H 6H 8H - -
    GF-8805 2H 6H 18H - - -
  • Suitable for various communication and broadcasting applications

    TRAIM, Single Satellite Tracking, Multipath Mitigation, Anti-Jamming and Anti-Spoofing

    For infrastructure requiring product reliability
    ・5G, LTE (TDD/ MBSFN/ CoMP/ eICIC)
    ・Multimedia broadcast base stations or wireless base stations
    ・Smart grids
  • Single satellite tracking capable operations (except Navigation Mode)

  • Time Synchronization

    Selectable sources for time synchronization from UTC time or GPS time
  • Synchronization with external pulse

    Enables synchronizing to time pulse from an external source
    ・Usable to synchronize to time information such as IEEE1588 or SyncE obtained through the network
    ・Improves robustness of the system
  • Antenna Connection Status Check Function

    Checks the antenna connection status (Open or Short)
    ・Assesses antenna connection failure or malfunction easily
  • Antenna Power Supply Function

    Provides power from GNSSDO directly to antenna
    ・Enabling a simplified antenna connection
  • Backup Power Supply

    Significantly reduces recovery time to GNSS lock after rebooting or interruption
  • Wide operation temperature range

    ・-40°C to +85°C



GNSS Reception Capability
GNSS Reception
32 channels
Tracking: > -162 dBm
Acquisition: > -148 dBm

Tracking: > -158 dBm
Acquisition: > -144 dBm

Tracking: > -146 dBm
Acquisition: > -136 dBm

Tracking: > -147 dBm
Acquisition: > -131 dBm

*Measurement platform with recommended active antenna
ITU-T Recommendation
in comformity with G.8272 PRTC-A, PRTC-B
Initial Stabilization Time
< 5 minutes (untill lock state)
10 MHz Output
Square pulse, Sine wave
10MHz Output (Lock State)
10MHz Long Term Stability (24h average): < ± 1 × 10-12
10MHz Short Term Stability (Root Allan variance ( =1s)): < 2 × 10-11
1PPS Output (Lock State)
1PPS Accuracy: < ± 40ns (vs UTC)
1PPS Stability: < 4.5ns(1 σ)

*Open sky
10MHz Output (Holdover)
10MHz Long Term Stability (24h average): < ± 2 × 10-10
10MHz Short Term Stability (Root Allan variance ( =1s)): < 2 × 10-11
1PPS Output (Holdover)
1PPS Accuracy: < ± 10μs/24H
(< ± 3μs/1H(TYP))
Supply Voltage
3.7 VDC
Power Consumption
600 mA(Typ)

*When supply voltage is stabilized
Operating Temperature
-40°C to +85°C
Antenna Detection
Short and Open Detection
Outer Size
34mm × 27mm × 20mm
eSIP (NMEA 0183 Standard Ver 4.10)
Anti-Jamming (8CW), Multipath Mitigation (Dynamic Satellite Selection™), Anti-Spoofing, T-RAIM, Synchronization with external pulse

Evaluation Kit

P/N VF-83 : Evaluation kit for GF-8803

Connect the PC with a USB port to communicate. Output time pulse (1PPS) and 10 MHz reference frequency (selectable) from a SMA terminal.

Contents: GNSS antenna, CD (GNSS Conductor GF), USB cable

Evaluation kit configuration (video)
simple use by connecting the GNSS antenna with the power supply.

Documents, Software

Download documents and software related to this product and other GPS/GNSS products (Specifications document, Drivers and Monitor software).

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* Specifications subject to change without notice.