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For Automotive/Industrial

GN-84A is a high-sensitivity, complete GPS receiver module that combines a hardware measurement platform with Furuno’s powerful navigation software integrated onto an embedded 32-bit RISC microprocessor.

GN-84A is ideal for a wide range of applications where performance, time to market and ease of integration are prime considerations. It includes two SAW filters for high performance when integrated with wireless communications, and has advanced features for use in car navigation devices and fleet management.

GN-84A is based on OPUS III technology and includes the OPUS IIIez BB IC and the Prelude III RF Receiver IC, a TCXO, two SAW filters and various matching and peripheral components in a small form factor. It is your complete GPS solution with only an external GPS antenna and power supply required.


  • Provides PVT (Position, Velocity, & Time) in a single package solution.

  • Antenna current detection circuit

  • Ultra-high sensitivity (-160dBm Typical).

  • Quick TTFF (Hot start: 2 seconds Typical).

  • Low profile, small SMT package reducing the mounting area and mounting cost.

  • Small footprint: 22mm x 22mm

  • Well-accepted by automotive electronics device manufacturers thanks to its reliability

  • Furuno’s powerful navigation software is integrated



GNSS Reception CapabilityGPS L1 C/A
GNSS Reception12ch
Update Rate1Hz
SensitivityAcquisition (Hot start) : -160 dBm
TTFF (Typical)Hot start : 2 sec
Warm start : 33 sec
Cold start : 38 sec
(Time after power-on at Ta=25°C, -130dBm, Open sky.)
Supply VoltageIn case internal LDO is used to supply VCORE
VCC : 3.3V ±0.3V
In case VCORE is supplied from external LDO
VCC : 3.3V ±0.3V , VCORE : 1.2V ± 0.6V
Power ConsumptionIn case internal LDO is used to supply VCORE
ICC : 73mA (typical, While acquiring satellites)
In case VCORE is supplied from external LDO
ICC : 29mA , ICORE : 43mA (typical, While acquiring satellites)
Backup SupplyVoltage : 1.8 V to 3.6V DC
Current : < 20 micro A (VCC=0V)
: < 2 micro A (VCC=3.3V)
Operating Temperature-30°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature-40°C to +85°C
Antenna DetectionShort and Open Detection
Outer Size22.0 mm (W) x 22.0 mm (D) x 3.0 mm (H)
ProtocolNMEA0183 /FEC Binary
InterfacesSingle Serial UART
3 Volt CMOS Digital Levels



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