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Timing GPS Receiver Module Model GT-8036, GT-8037Discontinued Products

For Timing

The Furuno GT8036/GT-8037 are Motorola M12M Oncore compatible GPS/Timing receiver.

It features an identical footprint to the Motorola M12M device for all applications requiring a highly accurate timing device operating in a M12 protocol environment. The GT8036/GT-8037 surpasses the Motorola M12M with a very fast TTFF (time to first fix) of 52 sec., and an excellent “Hot Start” time of 9 sec. The GT8036 also offers very fast signal acquisition and recovery speed.
The GT8036/GT-8037 has excellent 1PPS output with position hold and automatic site survey software, T-RAIM Select, T-RAIM Alarm and Status messages.


  • 1PPS output synchronized with UTC

  • High performance filter incorporated for interference rejection.

  • Well-accepted by base station manufactures thanks to its reliability



GNSS Reception CapabilityGPS L1 C/A
GNSS Reception12ch
Update Rate1Hz
TTFF (Typical)9 seconds Hot Start (Open Sky)
37 seconds Warm Start (Open Sky)
52 seconds Cold Start (Open Sky)
Supply Voltage3.0 to 3.6 VDC
Power ConsumptionMax 100 mA at 3.6 VDC
Backup SupplyVoltage: 2.1 to 3.6 VDC
Current: 1 mA when VCC = 3.6 VDC
Operating Temperature-40 - +85 degree
Storage Temperature-40 - +85 degree
Antenna DetectionAntenna current detection circuit
Over-flow protection circuit
Outer Size40.0 mm (W) x 60.0 mm (D) x 1.1 mm (H)



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