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Timing GPS Receiver Module Model GT-8536Discontinued Products

For Timing

High-sensitivity, Hign-accurate Timing GPS modules with M12 protocol.

The GT-8536 features an identical footprint to the Motorola M12M device for all applications requiring a highly accurate timing device operating in a M12 protocol environment. It surpasses the Motorola M12M.
The GT-8536 has excellent 1PPS output with position hold and automatic site survey software, T-RAIM Select, T-RAIM Alarm and Status messages.


  • Engine is eRideOPUS 5 Single Die GPS receiver

  • High sensitivity GPS module

  • 1PPS output syncronized with UTC

  • Accurate and robust 1PPS timing signal output (Timing accuracy :15nsec(1σ))

  • High integrity brought by TRAIM and SBAS

  • Various position modes (Navigation mode/ Time only mode/ Self survey mode)

  • Various 1PPS output control (5types of 1PPS control)

  • M12 binary protocol



GNSS Reception CapabilityGPS L1 C/A, SBAS L1 C/A
GNSS Reception14 channels (GPS, SBAS)
Tracking: -159 dBm
Acquisition: -147 dBm
1PPS Timing Accuracy15ns (1σ) ( @-130 dBm)
50ns (1σ) ( @-150 dBm)
TTFF (Typical)Hot Start: <5 sec (@-130 dBm)
Warm Start: 70 sec (@-130 dBm)
Cold Start: 70 sec (@-130 dBm)
Supply Voltage3.3VDC
Power ConsumptionAcquisition Mode: 52 mA
Backup Supply2.2 to 3.6VDC / 20μA (Typ) (VCC=0V)
Operating Temperature-40°C to +85°C
ProtocolM12 Binary



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