Warranty Policy

FURUNO Worldwide Warranty for European pleasure boats

This warranty is valid for products produced by the company Furuno Electric Co. (hereafter referred to as FURUNO).
This warranty is in addition to the customer´s statutory legal rights.

1. Terms and Conditions of Warranty

FURUNO guarantees that each new FURUNO product is the result of excellent materials and workmanship. The warranty is valid for a period of 2 years (24 months) from the date of the invoice, or the date of commissioning of the product by the installing certified dealer.

2. FURUNO Standard Warranty

The FURUNO standard warranty covers spare parts and labour costs associated with a warranty claim, provided that the product is returned to a FURUNO dealer or to the FURUNO national distributor by prepaid carrier.

The FURUNO standard warranty includes:
  • Repair of the defective product at the FURUNO national distributor or at a certified dealer
  • All spare parts for the repair
  • Cost for economical shipment to customer

3. FURUNO Onboard Warranty

If the product was installed/commissioned and registered by a certified FURUNO dealer, the customer has the right to the onboard warranty.

The FURUNO onboard warranty includes:
  • Free shipping of the necessary parts
  • Labour: within normal working hours
  • Travel time: up to a maximum of two (2) hours
  • Travel distance: up to a maximum of one hundred and sixty (160) KM by car for the complete journey

4. Warranty Registration

For the Standard Warranty - presentation of product with serial number (8 digits serial number, 1234-5678) is sufficient. Otherwise, the invoice with serial number, name and stamp of the dealer and date of purchase is shown.

For the Onboard Warranty your FURUNO certified dealer will take care of all registrations. The customer will receive a confirmation email of the successful registration of his products if the email address is provided.

5. Warranty Claims

For the Standard Warranty - simply send the defective product together with the invoice to the FURUNO national distributor or deliver it to your nearest FURUNO dealer.

For the Onboard Warranty – contact the FURUNO national distributor or a certified dealer. Give the product´s serial number and describe the problem as accurately as possible.

Warranty repairs carried out by companies/persons other than the FURUNO national distributor or a FURUNO certified dealer is not covered by this warranty.

6. Warranty Limitations

FURUNO products assist navigation onboard, but under no circumstances can they replace an experienced skipper.
Navigation of your boat must never be dependent on a defective piece of equipment.

When a claim is made, FURUNO has the right to choose whether to repair the product or replace it.

The FURUNO warranty is only valid if the product was correctly installed and used. Therefore, it is necessary for the customer to comply with the instructions in the handbook. Problems which result from not complying with the instruction manual are not covered by the warranty.

FURUNO is not liable for any damage caused to the vessel by using a defective FURUNO product.

The maximum liability of this warranty under no circumstances exceeds the price stated in the product contract for liability of a defective product.

The following are excluded from this warranty:
  • Underwater equipment including transmitter, transducer, paravane receiver and hull unit.
  • Routine maintenance, alignment and calibration services.
  • Replacement of used parts such as fuses, lamps, recording papers, drive belts, cables, protective covers and consumable parts such as batteries.
  • Magnetron and MIC with more than 1000 transmitting hours or older than 12 months, whichever comes first.
  • Costs associated with the replacement of a transducer (e.g. Crane, docking or diver etc.).
  • Sea trial.
  • Products repaired or altered by anyone other than the FURUNO national distributor or a certified dealer.
  • Products on which the serial number is altered, defaced or removed.
  • Problems resulting from an accident, negligence, misuse, improper installation, vandalism or water penetration.
  • Damage resulting from a force majeure or likewise.
  • Shipping damage.
  • Software updates, except when deemed necessary by FURUNO.
  • Overtime and extra labour charges for working outside normal hours.
  • All travel costs above the 160 KM allowance.

For products bought in or from North America please contact Furuno USA (www.furunousa.com).
FURUNO Electric Company, January 1, 2010.