Towards the digital transformation of ships, Full Ahead

Over the last few years, the shipping industry has seen a rapid increase in the use of cutting edge digital technology to visualize operational status,
on-board and off-board navigation, and engine systems.
Based on the most recent advancements in marine electronics and communications technologies,
Furuno is developing new technological innovations to achieve safer and more efficient autonomous ship operations.
Learn more about Furuno's initiatives, summarized in the following two chapters: 01: Autonomous Navigation, and 02: Remote Management.

Autonomous NavigationAutonomous Navigation

Challenge the Invisible

"Challenge the Invisible" is one of Furuno's business themes, which we will try to achieve through the following two fields

  • A “Recongnition Support” system, which makes use of marine electronic equipment and unique sensor technology to provide a better understanding of surrounding situation.
  • A “Decision Support” system that analyzes collected data and helps the operator avoid dangerous objects based on enhanced situational awareness.
  • A “Operation Support” system that automatically controls the route and speed in accordance with the avoidance plan, in order to achieve zero marine accidents.

Our R&D Stance

Our Autonomous Navigation Systems Department was established to take on the major challenge of creating exciting and innovative solutions. By bringing together developers working on navigational instruments and researchers exploring new sensors and algorithms related to autonomous navigation, we are able to research and develop products that will lead to technological breakthroughs like never before.

Designing the unmanned ship of tomorrow

With the collaboration of companies from various sectors, this program, supported by the Nippon Foundation, is committed to developing the world's first unmanned vessel by 2025.

MEGURI2040 Stage1: Fully autonomous ship navigation program

Furuno contributed to the Fully Autonomous Ship Navigation Program by leveraging the technical expertise we have accumulated through the development of marine Radar and wireless communicaion. Furuno was one of the five companies chosen to participate in this consortium program.

"Creating the Future of Fully Autonomous Ships - A Grand Design by a Group of Experts"
project (Japan Marine Science Inc. and 30 other companies)
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Link to JAPAN MARINE SCIENCE INC. official YouTube channel
Demonstration of unmanned technology on Japanese container ships and car ferries (Mitui O.S.K Lines, Ltd. and 7 other companies)

MEGURI2040 Stage2: Fully autonomous ship navigation program

Furuno is contributing to the Demonstration of Fully Autonomous Ship Project to involve in the development of autonomous navigation technologies, and also the development of Fleet Operation Center.

Demonstration of Fully Autonomous Ship Project

This program is positioned as the second stage of MEGURI2040 and aims for full-scale commercialization of fully autonomous ship technology to be realized by 2025. It is to accelerate and put into practical use of the concept achieved through “Joint Technological Development Program for Demonstration of Fully Autonomous Ship which was carried out as the first stage, in cooperation with the Nippon Foundation.

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Remote ManagementRemote Management

Essential communications between ships and shore are becoming faster and more affordable, and marine electronics are more sophisticated and digital than ever before. Furuno builds communication infrastructures between shore and onboard ships with a view to the future digital shift of the entire maritime industry. We propose a variety of ICT/IoT solutions and offer a wide range of ICT/IoT solutions that meet the needs of our customers. Our solutions include building onboard LANs and providing a wide range of other services, like setting up communication devices and satellite communication lines using our extensive technologies.

IoT Solutions

  • Onboard data collection and analysis
    Furuno Open Platform
    • Building an IoT data collection platform
    • Collection of information on voyages and on engines
    • Hull performance analysis (in collaboration with NAPA)
    • Visualization of vessel data (by providing a shore-side viewer)
    • Cooperation between manufacturers to collect information on equipment of each for robust remote maintenance solutions
  • Navigation Data Sharing
    Remote monitoring and maintenance service of Furuno bridge
    • Safe operation support
    • Equipment operation monitoring
    • Automatic reporting
    • Sharing of operational data between shore and ship
    • Remote maintenance services
    • Automatic firmware updates
    • Preventive maintenance