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IoT SolutionsOnboard data collection and Analysis

Furuno Open Platform

The FOP - Furuno Open Platform - is an onboard data collection platform that supports integrated ship-to-shore operations. The FOP unit on board the ship collects information such as engine data, engine operating status, cargo loading and unloading status, and information obtained from navigation instruments, and shares this information with offices on shore.
The FOP unit is used to monitor the performance of the vessel, to monitor the vessel's equipment, and to comply with environmental regulations. For the monitoring of the vessel's performance, the FOP unit is linked to NAPA's applications, and for the monitoring of the vessel's equipment, the FOP unit is linked to marine equipment manufacturers. The onshore dashboard is used to visualize the vessel's data.

Ship Data Collection
  • A platform for the use of operational data connecting ships and shore. Linkage with Ship Data Center
  • Comprehensive solutions from optimal onboard network design to the construction of a secure satellite communications environment
  • Installed on approximately 200 vessels. Compatible with VDRs and engine data loggers from other manufacturers
  • Consolidation of data from a wide range of shipboard equipment through cooperation with other marine equipment manufacturers
Monitoring Analysis
Hull performance, operational support monitoring service, and data analyzis via dedicated dashboard
  • Hull performance analysis service in collaboration with NAPA
  • Fleet monitoring of vessel-specific information such as position, voyage information, and fuel consumption using FOP Viewer
Remote monitoring service of ship's equipment

In collaboration with a number of marine equipment manufacturers, we collect data on a wide range of shipboard equipment in a central database. By sharing this data with other manufacturers, we can reduce downtime in the event of a failure and support preventive maintenance.

Compliance with environmental regulations

Support for efficient collection and reporting of vessel data required for GHG reduction.

● Wide range of equipment and applications both on board and onshore. For more information, please contact us.

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IoT SolutionsFuruno Bridge Equipment Remote Monitoring Service

Cyber Security & Remote Monitoring Platform

HermAce is a centralized management platform that remotely monitors the operational status of Furuno's electronic devices on board ships.
The platform monitors the status of a vessel in operation in real time, 24 hours a day, from the shore using data from the electronic devices.
In the event of a problem with the vessel or its electronic equipment, the platform can provide assistance from shore through automatic e-mail alerts and rapid initial response.

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Lloyd’s Register

HermAce is a tool capable of detecting, diagnosing, and predicting errors in the Furuno Equipment using Digital Twin technology. Its quality and reliability have been evaluated by the British Maritime Classification Society Lloyd's Register, and we have acquired the "Digital Twin READY" certification for a Digital Health Management (DHM) developer in the marine and offshore industry.


HermAce has acquired the "Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions" certification by Japan Maritime Classification Society ClassNK. This tool was evaluated for improving maintenance quality by collecting and visualizing data from Furuno equipment installed on ships and performing real-time monitoring.