Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer Model CA-270

Desktop, fully automated random access analyzer. Performs regular measurement, emergency samples, and runs specific tests. Also appropriate as a backup analyzer for large labs.

CA-270 is a successor model of CA-180 that has been well reputed, sold more than 2,500 globally. Improved throughput and user-friendliness in addition to CA-180 desktop size and high accuracy characteristics. Performs measurement in small reaction volume (100ul).


  • 270 tests/hour (450 tests/hour with ISE)

  • Easy operation for sample measurement. One click to open an emergency sample ordering screen and place the sample easily by opening a sample addition port.

  • Clog detection sensor: detects clots such as fibrin at the sample pipette.

  • Barcode readers (BCR) for reagent and sample identification (option)

  • Degasser module: improves dispensing accuracy of reagent and sample (option)

  • Auto template function: register samples for routine measurement.

  • Minimum volume required for measurement: 100 ul



270 tests/hour (max. 450 tests/hour with ISE)
Assay type
End point, 2 point end, rate, 2 point rate, and electrolytes
Sample volume
1.5 to 35ul (increment by 0.1ul)
Reagent volume
R1: 20 to 250ul (increment by 1ul)
R2: 20 to 180ul (increment by 1ul)
Reaction volume
100 to 350ul
Samples on board
40 sample tubes + 10 sample cups (max.)
Sample container
Sample tubes and sample cups
Reagents on board
Reagent container
20ml bottle and 70ml bottle
Reaction method
Random access discrete
Reaction container
Resin cuvette (semi-disposable)
Reaction time
10 minutes (R1: 5 min. + R2: 5 min.)
Temperature control
Dry bath type
Incubator temperature
37 degrees C ± 0.1 degrees C
Stirring speed
5 speed levels available
12 wavelengths (340 to 800nm)
Photometric assay
Grating spectrophotometer
External output
870(W) ×670(D) ×625(H) mm


* Specifications subject to change without notice.