Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Reagents for clinical chemistry Model Reagents NEW

Reagents designed for automatic chemistry analyzer and optimised chemistry parameters offer precise and reliable data to laboratories.


  • ISO13485 certified

  • High quality material

  • Water resisting Laminated label

  • Broad volume variation

  • Barcoded reagent bottle for installation

  • Bicarbonate reagent for anion gap

  • NGSP certified HbA1c reagent


Package (Big/Middle/Small)

  • Big size of GLU HK reagent

  • Middle size of GLU HK reagent

  • Small size of GLU HK reagent

Clinical chemistry reagents

Albumin * LDL-Cholesterol fluid homogeneous * Iron TIBC
Alkaline Phosphatase DGKC * CK-MB fluid 5+1 Lactate PAP *
Alkaline Phosphatase SFBC * CK-NAC fluid 5+1 * LDH P→L *
α-Amylase IFCC * Creatinine Jaffè * LDH L→P *
Pancreatic α-Amylase IFCC * Creatinine PAP * Lipase *
Bicarbonate Gamma-GT-3-Carboxy * Magnesium XB *
Bilirubin direct, Gendrassik-Grof * Glucose HK * Magnesium Arsenazo *
Bilirubin direct Vanadate * Glucose GOD/PAP * Phosphorous UV *
Bilirubin total, Gendrassik-Grof * GOT(ASAT)IFCC fluid (5+1) * Protein CSF fluid
Bilirubin total Vanadate * GPT(ALAT)IFCC fluid (5+1) * Protein total, bi-reagent *
Calcium Arsenazo III * alpha-HBDH Fluid 5+1 Protein total, mono-reagent *
Calcium OCP * Homocysteine Triglycerides fluid Mono *
Cholesterol CHOD/PAP * Iron Feren S Urea UV Fluid 5+1 *
HDL-Cholesterol fluid homogeneous * Iron Nitro PAPS Uric acid PAP *
*Available for multi-calibration by Centrocal and QC measurement by Centronorm/Centropath.

Immunoturbidimetric reagents

Product availability may vary depending on your area. For more information on product availability, please contact your local distributor.

Antitrypsin Complement C3 IgA
Acid Glycoprotein Complement C4 IgG
a1-Microglobulin Ceruloplasmin IgM
a2-Macroglobulin CRP Kappa Light Chain
ASO CRP high sensitive Lambda Light chain
Antithrombin III Cystatin C Lipoprotein (a)
Apolipoprotein A1 D-Dimer Microalbumin
Apolipoprotein A2 Ferritin Prealbumin
Apolipoprotein B Fibrinogen RF
b2-Microglobulin high sensitive Haptoglobin Transferrin
C1 Esterase Inhibitor HbA1c, latex immunoturbidimetric**  
**NGSP certified



  • Multi-calibrator “Centrocal”

Clinical chemistry calibrator

Centrocal CK-MB Calibrator Iron Calibrator
Bicarbonate Calibrator Homocysteine Calibrationset Protein CSF Standard

Immunoturbidimetric calibrator

ASO Calibrationset D-Dimer Calibrationset b2-Microglobulin Calibrationset
APO A1/B Calibrator Ferritin Calibrationset Microalbumin Calibrationset
APO A1/B Control Fibrinogen Calibrator Protein Calibrationset
CRP Calibrationset HbA1c Calibrationset RF Calibrationset
CRP Calibrator high sensitive Lipoprotein Calibrationset Transferrin Calibrationset
Cystatin Calibrator a1-Microglobulin Calibrator  

Quality control samples


  • Multi-control “Centronorm”

  • Multi-control “Centropath”

Clinical chemistry quality control sample

Bicarbonate Controlset Centronorm CK-MB Protein CSF Controlset
Centronorm Centropath CK-MB  
Centropath Homocysteine Controlset  

Immunoturbidimetric quality control sample

CRP Control low Ferritin Control low Immunology Control High
CRP Control high Ferritin Control high Lipoprotein Control low
CRP Control high sensitive Fibrinogen Control Lipoprotein Control high
Cystatin Control low HbA1c Control low a1-Microglobulin Control
Cystatin Control high HbA1c Control high Microalbumin Control low
D-Dimer Controlset Immunology Control Low Microalbumin Control high

Utility reagent

Analyzer consumables

Wash Solution 1 acidic solution Wash Solution C1 hypochlorite solution Precision check for service
Wash Solution 2 alkaline solution Saline Diluent  

Compatible with Furuno Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

  • We provide extensive support to our customers based on our extensive knowledge on both reagents and instruments.

    MODEL Features
    CA-270 Compact desk-top instrument with 270 test/hour (maximum 450 tests/hour with ISE).
    CA-400 Mid-range desk-top instrument with 400 test/hour (maximum 560 tests/hour with ISE).
    CA-800 800 tests/hour throughput capability (maximum 1200 tests/hour with ISE).

Registered CA series in UNIDO's STePP

Furuno's CA series has been registered in STePP by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), Tokyo Office.

The STePP (Sustainable Technology Promotion Platform) is an online database to introduce outstanding Japanese technologies for sustainable industrial development in developing and emerging countries. In this STePP, Furuno's CA-series was evaluated as a product that contributes to achieving the goals of SDGs 3 [Good health and well-being] and 9 [Industry, innovation and infrastructure].

Source: UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion OfficeTokyo website


* Specifications subject to change without notice.