Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer Model CA-800 NEW

800 tests/hour throughput capability (1200 tests/hour with ISE) with minimum reaction volume of 50ul

Floor model analyzer with throughput of maximum 800 tests/hour (1200 tests/hour with ISE) combined with minimum reaction volume of 50ul. User-friendly interface on a touch screen display provides a new solution to your laboratory. Also, connection with sample transfer line is possible.


  • Maximum 800 tests/hour (1200 tests/hour with ISE)

  • Resin or glass type available for reaction cuvettes depending on usage environment

  • Minimum reaction volume: 50ul

  • Minimum sampling volume: 0.5ul

  • User-friendly interface on a touch screen display

  • Connectivity with sample transfer line



Assay type
End point, 2 point end, rate, 2 point rate, and electrolytes
800 tests/hour (max. 1,200 tests/hour with ISE)
Sample volume
0.5 to 25ul (increment by 0.1ul)
Reagent volume
R1: 20 to 250ul (increment by 1ul)
R2: 5 to 180ul (increment by 1ul)
Reaction volume
50 to 250ul
Samples on board
94 sample tubes + 10 sample cups (max.)
Sample container
Sample tubes (compatible with BCR) and sample cups
Reagents on board
Reagent container
20ml bottle and 70ml bottle (compatible with BCR)
Reaction method
Random access discrete
Reaction container
Glass or Resin
Reaction time
10 minutes (R1: 5 min, R2: 5 min)
Temperature control
Dry bath type
Incubator temperature
37 degrees C ± 0.2 degrees C
Stirring speed
5 speed levels available
13 wavelengths (340 to 800nm)
Photometric assay
Grating spectrophotometer
External output
Less than 300kg
1,300(W) ×850(D) ×1,150(H) mm


* Specifications subject to change without notice.