Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer Model CA-800

800 tests/hour throughput capability (maximum 1200 tests/hour with ISE). Fully direct automatic HbA1c measurement without manual sample pretreatment.
Optional rack system available for place and go sample process.

Floor model analyzer with throughput of maximum 800 tests/hour (1200 tests/hour with ISE) combined with minimum reaction volume of 50ul. User-friendly interface on a touch screen display provides a new solution to your laboratory. Also, connection with sample transfer line is possible.


  • New Definition of Precision

    Comprehensive solution to high complex demand
      • Sample Probe
        High precision adjustable sample clot detection
        Minimum sample volume of 0.5 μl, lowest of its class
      • Sample Tray
        Double rotation sample tray for on the fly STAT samples
      • Sample Addition
        "Stop" and "Go" buttons for simple sample addition
      • Rack Handler
        Intelligent automatic rack system for seamless sample processing
        Easy and quick rack loading/collection by rack basket
      • Wash Unit
        Minimum water usage with high quality test result
      • Cuvette
        Lowest reagent volume requirement of its class
      • Reagent Tray
        10 fully independent reagent racks make reagent loading hassle-free
      • User Interface
        Simple touch operation allows quick access to each function
        Effective color coding for easy status identification
        Comprehensive test result data for in depth analysis
      • Integrated ISE Module (Optional)
        Measurement of Na, K and Cl
        Throughput of 600 tests/hour

      ◆HbA1c Measurement
      Simple, fast and accurate HbA1c measurement by onboard sample pretreatment.

  • User Friendly Interface

    Intuitive GUI provides fast and simple operation for any level of operator.

    • High operability with easy-to-understand layout
    • Effective use of informative graphics and charts
    • Comprehensive assessment of analyzer condition
    • Run-Monitor
      Visually shows sample status.
    • Quallity Control(QC)
      Displays QC results in various formats.
    • Callibration
      Manages calibration settings and calibration curves on one screen.
    • Results
      Results can be displayed, printed out, or saved as electronic files.



Fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer
General chemistry as photometric assay
Immunology as photometric assay (Latex reagents available)
Assay type
End point, 2 point end, rate, 2 point rate and electrolytes
800 tests per hour (Up to 1200 tests per hour with optional ISE module)
Incubation time
10 minutes after applying sample for one-reagent assay
5 minutes after applying second reagent for two-reagent assay
Sample type
Serum, plasma and urine
Sample input system
Removable tray with sample tube holder on a turntable

Up to 94 samples (handling of STAT available)

QC sample and Calibrator:
10 positions on designated inner tray
Sampling pipette
Micro pipette with liquid level detector and clot detector

Inside and outside with purified water
Sampling pump
Micro syringe

0.5 to 25.0 μl (increment by 0.1 μl)
Reagent system
Removable tray with reagent bottle holder on a turntable

100 reagent positions on a tray (50 each for 70 ml and 20 ml bottles)

Calculation of remaining reagent volume available

Cooling with peltier element (8 to 15 degrees Celsius)
Reagent pipette
Numbers of pipettors:

Micro pipette with liquid level detector

Inside and outside with purified water

Other function:
Detection of remaining reagent volume available
Reagent pump
Micro syringe

R1 Volume:
20 to 250 μl (increment by 1 μl)

R2 Volume:
5 to 180 μl (increment by 1 μl)
Cuvette system
Number of cuvettes:
153 cuvettes on reaction line

Semi-disposable cuvette with onboard washing system

Resin or glass

Volume for measurement:
Minimum 50 μl

Maximum volume:
250 μl in total
Reaction system
Direct heating system

37.0 degrees Celsius (+/- 0.2)
Direct measurement of absorbance in cuvette
Bi-chromatic or Mono-chromatic

340 nm, 380 nm, 415 nm, 450 nm, 478 nm, 510 nm, 546 nm, 570 nm, 600 nm, 660 nm, 700 nm, 750 nm, 800 nm (13 wavelengths)

Light source:
Halogen tungsten lamp
Stirring system
Stick type rotating stirrer
1,300 mm (W) x 850 mm (D) x 1,150 mm (H) (Analyzer only)
ISE module, glass cuvette
Rack Handler (Option)
Model Name:

Sample Rack:
5 sample rack

Loading sample:
150 samples

Outside dimensions:890 mm (W) x 850 mm (D) x 924 mm (H)

Reagents for clinical chemistry

Reagents designed for automatic chemistry analyzer and optimised chemistry parameters offer the precise and reliable data to the laboratory.
  • Reagents
    Clinical chemistry reagents, Immunoturbidimetric reagents
  • Calibrators
    Clinical chemistry calibrator, Immunoturbidimetric calibrator
  • Quality control samples
    Clinical chemistry quality control sample, Immunoturbidimetric quality control sample
  • Utility reagent
    Analyzer consumables

More details

Furuno Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

  • We provide extensive support to our customers based on our extensive knowwledge of both reagents and instruments.

    MODEL Features
    CA-270 Compact desk-top instrument with 270 test/hour (maximum 450 tests/hour with ISE).
    > 8 key points in the CA-270 (document download)
    CA-400 Mid-range desk-top instrument with 400 test/hour (maximum 560 tests/hour with ISE).
    CA-800 800 tests/hour throughput capability (maximum 1200 tests/hour with ISE).

Registered CA series in UNIDO's STePP

Furuno's CA series has been registered in STePP by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), Tokyo Office.

The STePP (Sustainable Technology Promotion Platform) is an online database to introduce outstanding Japanese technologies for sustainable industrial development in developing and emerging countries. In this STePP, Furuno's CA-series was evaluated as a product that contributes to achieving the goals of SDGs 3 [Good health and well-being] and 9 [Industry, innovation and infrastructure].

Source: UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion OfficeTokyo website


* Specifications subject to change without notice.