Voyage Planning System

Planning Station Model PS-100 NEW

From voyage planning to monitoring, supporting safer and more efficient navigation

FURUNO’s unique rendering technology enables high-speed drawing and seamless operation on a 4K-compatible high-definition charts (ENC)

Merchant Marine


  • Remarkably seamless operability

    This product features 4K high-definition images that are suitable for large-screen displays, while also achieving smooth operation that does not cause stress during operation.
  • Graphic user interface specifically designed for voyage planning

    Touchscreen interface for easy and intuitive use. Floating windows allow you to move settings screens, information frames, and documents to any location within the frame with one touch.
  • Useful functions for voyage planning and the monitoring

    Create route/user chart

    You can easily create new routes, edit existing routes, and create new points, lines, areas, and circles by simply tapping the screen.

    Calculate recommended ship speed

    By setting ETD/ETA*1 for each waypoint in the route, the recommended ship’s speed can be calculated and displayed automatically. In addition, the results of the route analysis in your planning routes are automatically displayed with green, yellow, and red color-coded status.

    *1 At least one waypoint must be set. If the ETA for that waypoint is not the final destination, the remaining route will be calculated based on the maximum ship speed.
    *2 Automatic calculation using the maximum ship speed set in the ship's parameters and taking into account various information.

    Green: Nothing found
    Yellow: Cautions found
    Red: Safety contour warning
    Route comparison/route playback function
    Display and review multiple routes for comparison, including those you wish to assess and those previously utilized. This feature proves valuable for sharing information among crew members.

    The divider can be used to measure distance between two or more points.


    Three sets of EBL/VRM can be used for measuring bearing and distance.

    Sensor information

    The heading, speed, course over ground, speed over ground, and own ship position are displayed on the ENC chart.
    The own ship symbol is displayed on the ENC chart, and the position information of the own ship is automatically recorded as a voyage log along with the sensor information.

    Radar information*
    With a single click on the menu, you can overlay radar images and check landforms and sea obstacles. It is also possible to superimpose the trail display.
    *ECDIS, radar, and AIS receiver must be connected to the same network.
    Target information*
    AIS target information and TT information can be displayed. In addition, you can select the display status (target information, position display, filter addition, selected target pause/activation, etc.) from the list of targets.
    ECDIS, radar, and AIS receiver must be connected to the same network.
    Weather information

    Weather information can be superimposed by importing data in grib1 (.grb)

  • Automatic synchronization with ECDIS eliminates the hassle of data transfer (*same network connection required)

    ECDIS Integration*

    Routes and user charts created with the PS-100 and ECDIS can be shared between units. Data that is created or modified is automatically distributed to other units, eliminating the need for manual data migration.

    *ECDIS, radar, and AIS receiver must be connected to the same network.
    FMD-3100/3200/3300, FAR-3xx0: version 5.03 or later

    Call the same Circle from ECDIS created by PS-100.

    Shareable Data
    1. Charts
    2. Route files
    3. User chart
    4. Own ship parameters
    5. Sensor information used by ECDIS
    6. Radar overlay
    7. Own ship setting
    8. Voyage log
  • NAPA Voyage Optimization improves voyage efficiency by optimizing route and speed profiles with the Planning Station

    Voyage Optimization, an operation performance optimization service provided by NAPA, can be accessed through Service Gateway Gate-1 (optional). NAPA Voyage Optimization is a solution that leverages a vessel's unique performance model to optimize the voyage plan (route/vessel speed allocation), enhance operational safety, and decrease fuel consumption and GHG emissions.
    *Option contact required.

    Service Gateway Gate-1 (option)
    1. Chart can be automatically updated by purchasing and updating chart licenses via Gate-1.
    2. Compatible with UKHO charts (raster/ENC)*1
    3. Pay as You Sail (PAYS) available*2
    *1 UKHO contract required. *2 2 PAYS contract required.

    Please check here about NAPA Voyage Optimization.

  • Contributes to sharing information easily during your briefing/debriefing meetings.



Route planning, Route monitoring, User chart, Own ship’s mark, Weather forecast*1, ENC chart, Document viewer, Position fixing, Voyage log, Playback log, Radar overlay, Tidal overlay*2
*1 grib file required. *2 future planning
Own ship’s speed/course/position, Clock/Time zone, Color pallet, Screenshot, System reboot, Route, User chart, Search, Target tracking control, Graph, User interface switching, Safety message


1 port、Ethernet 100Base-TX/1000Base-T、RJ45
Data sentences

Equipment List


  • Processor unit (Local supply) CPU
    Core i7 9th generation or later

    2.4 GHz or more

    Grahic board
    Nvidia Quadro P2200 or later

    RAM: 16 GB, SSD: 240 GB

    Power Supply
    350 W or more
  • Monitor (Local supply) Type
    Touch monitor

    3840 x 2160 (4K)

    55 inch, 43 inch, 32 inch

    55 inch: 450 cd/m²
    43 inch: 500 cd/m²
    32 inch: 350 cd/m²

    Output power
    55 inch: 115-230/VAC 50/60 Hz
    43 inch: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 24 VDC
    32 inch: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 24 VDC
  • Number of ports HDMI (1.4)input
    55 inch: 2 ports
    43 inch: 2 ports
    32 inch: -

    HDMI (2.0)input
    55 inch: 1 port
    43 inch: 1 port
    32 inch: 1 port

    DisplayPort (1.2)input
    55 inch: 1 port
    43 inch: 1 port
    32 inch: 1 port

    55 inch: 1 port
    43 inch: 1 port
    32 inch: 1 port

    55 inch: 1 port
    43 inch: 1 port
    32 inch: 1 port

    55 inch: 1 port
    43 inch: 1 port
    32 inch: 1 port

    55 inch: 1 port
    43 inch: 1 port
    32 inch: 1 port

    Analog input
    55 inch: 1 port
    43 inch: 1 port
    32 inch: 1 port


Interconnection Diagram


  • PS-100 Brochure
    (Last update: Dec 14, 2023)

* Specifications subject to change without notice.