Fishing ground analysis from every possible angle

The FSV Scanning Sonars have long been favorite among commercial fishermen as they provides reliable and consistent detection of fish and seabed conditions with revolutionary, enhanced signal processing technology.

Fishing Vessels
Black Box


  • Various searching modes available including horizontal, slant and dual mode

    The horizontal display mode provides a 360 degree picture around the vessel. The H2 mode shows one of four kinds of horizontal display combinations: PORTRAIT,LANDSCAPE, RIGHT INSET and LEFT INSET. The range, tilt, gain and user program are set independently, for each display.

    The slant mode provides a half-circle (180 degrees) picture like half-circle Sonar.

    Direct distance, horizontal distance, water depth and bearing to the cursor
    School of fish
    Sea surface reflection
    Ship’s track
    Range, tilt, and display mode of Slant Mode

    HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL Display Combinations
    The world's first sonar in its class to combine two vertical sections. The sonar is capable of recording a vertical cross-section (0-90°) in any direction, either in one direction or
    in two directions. This allows the user to compare two schools of fish at the same time.

    Direct distance, horizontal distance, water depth and bearing to the cursor
    Bearing mark for vertical mode 1 (V1)
    Range distance of vertical mode
    Water depth under the boat
    Ship’s track
    Range and gain of Vertical mode
  • Fish estimate feature to compare the volume of two schools of fish

  • High resolution for long range detection

    The combination of highly sensitive sensors and Furuno's new processing technology allows for longer range detection than ever before
    while maintaining high resolution targets.
  • Target lock function for fish tracking

    Automatically track schools of fish while calculating their speed and direction. Also display the distance and depth from the vessel to the school.
    It is also possible to track a fixed position such as a sea current.

    By hitting the target lock mark on a fish school echo, the distance and depth to that school of fish, as well as the direction and speed of movement are displayed numerically.
  • Fish concentration and histogram display to help you decide when to cast your net

    In conjunction with the target lock function, the sonar can display the relative volume of fish in the estimate mark. This helps you to make the right decision when casting your net.

    Up to two fish quantity marks can be typed on one screen, and the response of each is displayed as a histogram. This is useful for determining the amount of fish.
  • Auto filter for clearer images

    The FSV-85-MARK-2 incorporates a digital filter that regulates noise interference, providing a clear view of the display at high speed without affecting the Sonar.
  • Stabilization function

    The stabilization function compensates for the effects of pitch and roll. This allows stable detection of sea currents and schools of fish, even in poor weather conditions.
  • Storage and playback of Sonar images

    The FSV-85-MARK-2 allows you to take a screenshot and playback Sonar images.

    The recording will be played on a pop-up screen.
  • User-Friendly, Programmable, Intelligent Controls

    The User Program Control (up to 10 programs) provides for instant setup of the equipment according to fishing ground or target fish. Ten programs may be set up, and vertical and horizontal display settings may be programmed together or individually. In addition, 10 function keys provide one-touch display of desired menu or frequently used menu settings such as: Recording still images, recalling still images, erasing marks, activitate or deactivate the stabilization etc.

    Customizable menu
  • Short raise/lower time of the transducer & intuitive position indicator

    The greatly reduced raise/lower time of the transducer allows for quick adjustment to prevent damage to the transducer. 
    800 mm Travel: 8 seconds
    1100 mm Travel: 11 seconds

    The position indicator (below) lets you know the position of the transducer at a glance.
  • Sub Control Unit and Remote Controller (wired) optionally available

    FSV-85 MARK-2 also allows the use of A USB wireless mouse
  • Dual Display

    A dual display configuration allows the user to display information on two monitors simultaneously.
    This is very useful for viewing information quickly on each of the two monitors and for comparing them.

    Perfect with our High Resolution MU displays



Full digital beam forming
80 kHz
Basic Range
60, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900,
1000, 1100, 1200, 1400, 1600, 2000 m
Audio Search
30 °; 60 °, 90 °; 180 °, 330 °( selectable)

Display Unit

Pixel number
SXGA(1280×1024), UXGA(1600×1200), WUXGA(1920×1200)
32 colors (sonar picture), 6 colors (marks)
Head-up, North-up*, Course-up* and True-motion*
(*: sensor required)
Display mode
Horizontal, S-scan, Horizonal combination, S-scan
combination, Vertical 1 combination, Vertical 2 combination,
Echo sounder combination, Vertical 1 + echo sounder
Additional functions
Custom mode, Interference rejecter, Echo Average, Noise limiter,
Signal level, Auto-tilt, Automatic target tracking (target lock),
Fish alarm, Over-voltage warning, Unretracted transducer

Transceiver Unit

Beam width (horizontal)
TX: 360 ° x 10.7 ° RX: 12.6 ° x 10.1 (-6 dB full width)
Beam width (vertical)
TX: 12.7 ° x 118.2 ° RX: 12.6 ° x 12.1 (-6 dB full width)
-5 ° to 90 ° (downward)

Hull Unit

Raising/Lowering time
800 mm FSV-8472-MK2: 8 seconds
1100 mm FSV-8472-MK2: 11 seconds
Allowable Ship's Speed
800 mm FSV-8472-MK2: 18 kn
1100 mm FSV-8472-MK2: 15 kn


Serial (x5)
LAN (x2)
USB (x4)

Power Supply

Processor Unit
Processor unit: 12-24 VDC: 10-5 A
Interface unit: 48 VDC: 1 A or less (from Processor unit)
Transceiver Unit
100/110/115/220/230 VAC: 15 A, 1 phase, 50/60Hz
Hull Unit
Hull unit: 200-220 VAC: 4 A, 3 phase, 50/60Hz


Processor Unit -15℃~+55℃
Transducer -5℃~+35℃
Control Unit, Other -15℃~+55℃
Relative humidity
93% max(+40℃)
Control unit: IP22 (panel), IP20 (chassis)
Processor unit: IP20
Interface unit: IP20
Transceiver unit, others: IPX0
Transducer: IPX8


Control unit: 3.8 kg
Processor unit: 15 kg
Interface unit: 3.4 kg
Transceiver unit: 95 kg
Hull unit: 370 kg (800 mm), 930 kg (1100 mm) *with tank


Interconnection Diagram


  • FSV-85 Mark-2
    (Last update: Mar 28, 2023)

* Specifications subject to change without notice.