Furuno Maritime Training (FMT) is our training solution that aims to increase navigational safety at sea with high quality trainings. FMT offers comprehensive training for both professional navigators and yachtsmen, desiring to navigate safely. The training center (FMT center) is approved by the Danish Maritime Authority, which authorises us to conduct maritime education and training, and is ISO9001/18001 certified.

FURUNO Maritime Training Website

Available training courses at Furuno Maritime Training center

Furuno Maritime Training center (FMT center), located in Denmark, provides state-of-the-art training and education for our trainees. The training is based on Furuno's more than 60 years' experience gained by being a supplier to the maritime community.
All FMT training courses, be it generic or type specific, include comprehensive theoretical lectures and hands-on training exercises. The purpose of the training courses is to provide the navigators with a thorough understanding of the equipment, knowledge on how to operate it properly and the know-how needed to determine the validity of the data provided - in short, the training familiarizes the operator with all the functions and limitations of the equipment. The hands-on training includes training in modern navigation during normal operational conditions as well as during dangerous or critical circumstances.

Furuno type specific training courses

  • Furuno ECDIS Training
  • Furuno ECDIS Refresh

Generic training courses

  • Ice Navigation
  • Onboard Assessment IMO Model Course 1.30
  • Onboard ECDIS Assessor
  • Onboard ECDIS Trainer
  • Generic ECDIS Training
  • Operational use of INS or IBS IMO Model course 1.32
  • Operational use of ECDIS IMO Model course 1.27
  • Navigational Investigator
  • Basic Electronic Navigation Course

Customized training solutions

  • Customized Training Solutions
  • Instructor Service
  • 3rd Party Onboard Navigational assessment

Available training courses

Worldwide training
-Furuno ECDIS training around the world-

NavSkills is a global network of training centres accredited by FURUNO Maritime Training to provide FURUNO training courses locally.

This network makes it possible for you to attend a FURUNO training courses around the world. The courses you can attend at the NavSkills training centres depends on the local centres supply. Most centres provide FURUNO ECDIS training basic and some centres also provide FURUNO ECDIS refresh. Please contact your local training centre to find out exactly which courses they can provide.

To ensure the same high training standards, all NavSkills partners are selected, certified and under the governance of FURUNO Maritime Training.

NavSkills Training

Online training
-Interactive online ECDIS training-

The FURUNO NavSkillsCAT (Computer Aided Training) is a subscription-based online training solution dedicated for ship owners, who are looking to establish makers approved, in-house FURUNO ECDIS familiarization training.

The training covers FURUNO FEA-2X07 and FURUNO FMD-3X00 series and is performed on a locally installed NavSkills workstation.

This training solution is evaluated and verified by ClassNK to meet the standards for content and methods for equipment familiarization training.

NavSkills Training

Computer based training
-Furuno type specific training on PC-

The FURUNO ECDIS CBT (Computer Based Training) is a training solution, where you are able to take FURUNO Type specific ECDIS training on your own PC.

Since ECDIS CBT does not require constant internet access, you can study ECDIS CBT, when and wherever you may choose.

This CBT program is intended for those, who have already completed generic ECDIS training in accordance with IMO Model Course 1.27.