Compact X-band Doppler Weather Radar WR110

The WR110 is a compact and lightweight weather Radar that runs on any standard power outlet. This model is perfect for companies and local communities. It is a smart combination of high performance and ease of installation that offers a wide range of applications and possibilities.


Easy installation
  • Compact and lightweight (ø98 cm, 65 kg)
  • No heavy equipment required for installation
  • Compatible with regular power outlet
Reduced operating costs
  • Solid-State
    - Highly reliable, low maintenance.
    - Long life solid-state transmission device
    - Low power consumption(100V, 200W)
  • Radar status monitoring for optimized performance

WR110 mounted on a trailer (example)
  • Wide range of transportation choices
    Pickup, Van, Trailer, Small trucks...
  • Heading sensor for azimuth adjustment*
  • Vibration isolator for safe relocation and transport*
    MIL-STD-810G Test Method 514.7 ANNEX C Category 4 Secured Cargo, Common carrier (US highway truck vibration exposure) Test1
  • WR110 case for easy transportation*
Various software applications available

Various data format compatibilities

Various data formats used in major software packages, such as Baron Lynx and Vaisala IRIS Focus, are available


Antenna Polarization Single polarization (Horizontal)
Operating Frequency 9.4 GHz band
Pulse Width 0.5 - 50 μs
Pulse Repetition Frequency(PRF) up to 2,000 Hz
Beam Width 2.7 degrees
Peak Output Power 100 W
Vertical Scan Angle -2 to 182 degrees (adjustable)
Antenna Rotation Speed 0.5 – 10 rpm
Observation Range 70 km max.
Scan Modes PPI, Volume Scan, Sector PPI, Sector RHI
Output Parameters Reflectivity factor Zh (dBZ), Doppler velocity V (m/s),
Doppler velocity width W (m/s), Rainfall intensity Rain (mm/h)
Data Correction Distance and Rain attenuation, Doppler Velocity Folding
Doppler Speed +/-64 m/s
Unwanted Signal Removal Land clutter suppression and Interference Rejection
Available Data Formats Binary, CSV, JPEG, CF/Radial, Opera Odim HDF5, NEXRAD Level 2
Operating Temperature Range -10 to +50°C (Start-up), -20 to +50°C (In operation)
Maximum Wind Survival Speed 90 m/s
Power Supply 100-240 VAC, Single phase, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 350 W max., 200 W typ.


The WR110 can be transported through narrow spaces (800 mm) and disassembled if required

System configurations

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Weather Radar product

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Compact X-band Doppler Weather Radar WR110


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