Compact Dual Polarimetric X-band Doppler Weather Radar WR2120


Dual Polarization

High precision rain observation & accurate measurements

The Dual Polarization of the WR2120 recovers signal intensity loss and attenuation caused by heavy rain.

Particle classification

Several data such as echo strength or phase difference, provided by the WR2120, can be utilized to assess the nature of the detected particle and deduct whether it is Snow, Hail or Rain.

Easy installation
  • Very compact and lightweight (ø1m, 65 kg)
  • No heavy equipment required for installation
  • Compatible with regular power outlet
Reduced operating costs
  • Solid-State
    -Reliable, less maintenance, long life solid-state transmission device
    -Low power consumption(100V, 200W)
High resolution & accurate measurements
  • Outputs dual polarimetric Doppler information (Zdr, Kdp) for computing diameter of precipitation particles as well as discriminating types of precipitation (rain, snow, etc.)
  • 3D scan to observe the vertical structure of a cumulonimbus
Various software applications available

Various data format compatibilities

Various data formats used in major software packages, such as Baron Lynx and Vaisala IRIS Focus, are available

Carbon fiber antenna dish
  • Reduction of the antenna weight
  • Reduction of damage and mechanical stress due to shocks and vibrations


Antenna Polarization Dual polarimetric (Vertical and Horizontal), Simultaneous transmission/receiving
Operating Frequency 9.4 GHz band
Pulse Width 0.5-50 us
Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) 2000 Hz max.
Beam Width 2.7° (both horizontal and vertical beams)
Peak Output Power 100 W (both horizontal and vertical beams)
Vertical Scan Angle -2°to 182° (adjustable)
Horizontal Scan Angle 360°(continuous)
Antenna Rotation Speed 0.5-10 rpm (adjustable)
Observation Range 70 km max
Scan Modes PPI, Volume Scan, Sector PPI, Sector RHI
Output Parameters Reflectivity factor Zh (dBZ), Doppler velocity V (m/s),Doppler velocity width W (m/s), Cross polarization differencephase ødp (deg), Specific differential phase KDP (deg/km),Correlation coefficient between two polarizations ρhv, Horizontal and VerticalDifferential reflectivity ZDR (dB), Rainfall intensity R (mm/h)
Doppler Speed +/-64 m/s
Available Data Formats Binary, CSV, JPEG, CF/Radial, Opera Odim HDF5, NEXRAD Level2
Operating Temperature -10 to +50°C (Start-up), -25 to +50°C (In operation)
Maximum Wind Survival Speed 90 m/s
Sensitivity-reflectivity Typ. 22 dBZ@50 km @Q0N 50 us 2 MHz (SNR = 4dB)
Gain ≧ 33.0 dBi
Transmitter Type Solid state
Power Supply 100-240 VAC, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 650 W max., 470 W typ.


System configurations

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Weather Radar product

Compact Dual Polarimatric X-band Doppler Weather Radar WR2120
Compact X-band Doppler Weather Radar WR110


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