What is Fantum Feedback™?


Furuno's all-new Fantum Feedback™ NAVpilot software clears the path to a simplified installation, while also delivering enhanced steering control. With Fantum Feedback™, NAVpilot outboard installations no longer require use of a physical rudder feedback unit.

This streamlined installation, combined with Furuno's unique adaptive learning Autopilot technology, provides unmatched outboard Autopilot performance.Fantum Feedback™ is a menu-selectable feature available in the latest NAVpilot-700 series software. This new software was developed and extensively tested on a wide variety of outboard vessels with hydraulic steering and reversing pump control. Fantum Feedback achieves precise course control, from slow trolling speeds to high-speed cruising, utilizing a newly developed, time-based rudder gain process, rather than traditional rudder angle based control.

Set-up Instructions

This instructional video shows you how to properly set up the Furuno NavPilot 700 with the new Furuno Fantum Feedback™ feature.