GPS, Chart Plotter


Smart Features for Effortless, Faster, and More Intuitive Usage

The GP-3700F is the new high performance color GPS/WAAS Chart Plotter/ Fish Finder combination unit. The GP-3700F incorporates easy-to-use interface from the GP-3500, while adding new enhancements and features. With a variety of innovative functions, short-cut control keys and a 12.1-inch IPS screen that provides clear visibility, the GP-3700F lets you immediately grasp a situation surrounding your vessel. Large storage capacity for track points, buoy points and marks/lines makes it a perfect solution for long term fishing operations.

Recreational Boats Fishing Vessels Workboats
FURUNO Digital Filter Bottom Discrimination ACCU-FISH™ Auto Tuning (Sensitivity) AIS CAN bus


  • User customizable keys

    User customizable keys are designed to create short-cuts to menus. Customize menus before you leave the dock for faster, effortless and more intuitive operation on the sea.
  • 12.1 inch large display

    The larger IPS LCD screen, which features a distinctively clear and wider viewing angle, gives you excellent readability in changing sea conditions.
  • Huge storage capacity

    The GP-3700 series is capable of storing up to: 30,000 own ship track points, 10,000 TT/AIS/consort/GPS buoy points, 30,000 mark/lines, and can record way points and routes.
  • A variety of display modes

    The GP-3700 series provides and displays navigation data in a wide variety of modes. All the display modes can be switched by tapping “DISP” key according to your favor.
  • UNDO/REDO functions

    The "UNDO" key lets you go back one operational step of deleting and drafting your marks and lines with a single press of a key. While the "UNDO" key works as going back your operation, the "REDO" function recovers your last operation.
  • Easy-access USB port

    USB flash drive (local supply) can be connected to the front panel. Stored data can be used for retrofit, review for the service, and record of your navigation marks.
  • ACCU-FISH™ - A unique fish size analyzer based on the latest digital technology

  • Bottom Discrimination - Analyze bottom structure

    Provides an at-a glance recognition of bottom composition with four types of graphical displays (Rocks/Sand/Gravel/Mud) when connected to a supported thru-hull or transom mount transducer.


Display Unit

Screen Type
12.1-inch IPS Color LCD
Screen Resolution
600 (H) x 800 (V), SVGA
Display Modes
Plotter, Compass, Satellite information


Receiving Type
GPS: 12 channels, 12 satellites, parallel tracking
SBAS: 2 channels
Receiving Frequency
1575.42 MHz
GPS: not exceeding 10 m, (2drms, HDOP≦4)
DGPS: not exceeding 5 m, (2drms) optional kit required
SBAS: not exceeding 7 m, (2drms)


MapMedia Vector Chart
Memory Capacity
990,000 points (recording memory 1 block + storage 10 block)


50/200 kHz
600 W or 1 kW
Display Range
Range: 5~500 m 、Shift: 0~1,200 m


Antenna unit: IP56
Display unit: IP22
Power Supply
12-24 VDC, 2.5-1.3 A
351 (H) x 339 (W) x 179 (D)
4.8 kg

Equipment List


  • Display Unit GP-3700-E 1 Unit
  • Antenna Unit GP-020S 1 Unit
  • Antenna Cable 15m 1 pc
  • Installation Materials and Standard Spare parts 1 set


  • TrackBall Control Unit RCU-030
  • Internal DGPS Beacon receiver kit OP14-80
  • Display Flushmount, F/Flushmount OP14-83
  • Antenna cable assembly 30/40/50 m
  • Joint box TL-CAT-L12
  • Transducer and Triducer options 600 W
    520-5PSD (Plastic thru-hull), 520-5MSD (Bronze thru-hull), 520-5PWD (Plastic transom)
    525ST-MSD (Bronze thru-hull w/speed/temp sensor), 525ST-PWD (Plastic transom speed/temp sensor)
    520-PLD, 525T-BSD, 525T-PWD, 525T-LTD/12, 525T-LTD/20, SS60-SLTD/12, SS60-SLTD/20
    1 kW (Optional matching box MB-1000 required)
    50B-6, 50B-6B, 200B-5S, 50/200-1T, 526TID-HDD
  • Matching box MB-1000
  • Rectifier RU-3423
  • Temperature sensor ST-04MSB
  • Speed/Water temperature sensor ST-02MSB, ST-02PSB
  • Innerhull kit 22S0191
  • Antenna mounting base
  • Mast mounting bracket CP20-01111
  • LAN cable assembly
  • Cable assembly
  • MJ cable assembly MJ-MJ-A3SPF0013-035C (5A)

Interconnection Diagram


* Specifications subject to change without notice.