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4.2" GPS NAVIGATOR Model GP-39

Highly accurate position fixing GPS navigator with clear color LCD

The FURUNO GPS navigator GP-39 provides accurate and reliable position fixing, thanks to a 12-channel GPS receiver combined with integrated SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS) technology.
The GP-39 has various display modes (Plotter, Highway, Steering, NAV data, Satellite monitor and 2 user customizable modes) on the 4.2" color LCD. Up to 3,000 points of ship track, 10,000 waypoints and 100 routes (each with up to 30 waypoints) can be stored. The waypoint and route data can be exported/imported via a USB flash drive or signal converter.
The GP-39 can be networked with a fish finder, sonar, radar or other navigation equipment for feeding highly accurate navigation data.

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  • Newly designed GPS core delivers enhanced position fixing accuracy

  • 4.2" high-resolution color LCD

  • Storage for 3,000 track points, 10,000 waypoints and 100 routes

  • SBAS capable for better positioning calculations

  • Share and display position information on networked equipment such as a fish finder, sonar, radar, etc.

    The GP-39 delivers the position information to an interfaced fish finder or sonar. Also, the GP-39 receives the TLL (Target Latitude/Longitude) sentence from networked fish finders or sonars and can display the received information. This allows you to mark fish school locations easily.
  • 7 display modes available, including 2 user-customizable modes

  • Waypoint and route data can be exported/imported via a USB flash drive or signal converter

    Waypoint, route data and setting information can be exported/imported via a USB ash drive between GP-39 units. The waypoint and route data in GP-32 can be transferred to GP-39 by means of signal converter. You can backup information, or share useful information between vessels.
  • Multi-language ready : English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian and Thai

  • Easy to mount on/off the bracket

    The improved hanger allows the display unit to be mounted or un-mounted easily. The display unit can be carried in the bag (standard supply).


Display Unit

Screen Type
4.2" Color LCD
Screen Resolution
480 (V) x 272 (H) pixels
GPS Antenna
Display Modes
Plotter, Highway, Steering, NAV Data, Satellite monitor, User Display (Digital, Speedometer, COG)
English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian, Thai


Receiving Type
GPS: 12 channels parallel, 12 satellites tracking, C/A code, all-in-view
SBAS: 2 channels
Receiving Frequency
L1 (1575.42 MHz ± 1.023 MHz)
GPS: 10 m (95% of the time, HDOP≤4)
WAAS: 3 m (95% of the time, HDOP≤4)
MSAS: 7 m (95% of the time, HDOP≤4)


Memory Capacity
3,000 ship's track points
10,000 waypoints with comments
100 routes with 30 waypoints/route


Display unit: IP55
Antenna unit: IP56
Power Supply
12-24 VDC : 0.7-0.3 A
0.39 kg 0.86 lb (Bracket mount)

Equipment List


  • Display unit GP-39
  • Antenna unit GPA-017 with cable 10 m
  • Plastic bag
  • Standard spare parts and installation materials


  • Mast mounting kit
  • Flush mount kit

Interconnection Diagram


  • GP-39 Brochure
    (Last update: Mar 28, 2023)

* Specifications subject to change without notice.