Multi-Purpose Display

FLEX Function Display Model SFD-1010,SFD-1012 NEW

Highly Flexible Display

Discover the SFD-1010/1012, 10" and 12" display and control units compatible with a wide range of Furuno sensors from DRS4DL+ Radar to DFF-3D Multibeam Sonar or Fish Finders. These are versatile and highly adaptable Display units that, combined with a hub and your favorite sensors, allow multiple configurations to suit all needs, from recreational boating to workboats.

Recreational Boats Fishing Vessels Workboats
Multi Touch Ultra High Definition TruEcho CHIRP technology FURUNO Digital Filter Bottom Discrimination ACCU-FISH™ RezBoost™ MULTI BEAM Traget Tracking


  • Designed to work with our most popular sensors

    SFD-1010/1012 has been designed to work with our most popular sensors such as Radars, Fish Finders and DFF-3D. Each display unit will therefore be able to display the desired mode depending on the configuration. 

    ◆Multibeam Sonar
    Connect our popular DFF-3D Multibeam Sonar which displays echoes in high-resolution and gives you access to several useful modes such as Cross Section, 3D history, Triple Beam, or Side-Scan.

    NEW DFF-3D/SFD Combo features sea current overlay & virtual net mark
    Thanks to a virtual fishing net, you will be able to determine the position of the net's mouth in relation to the targeted school of fish and thus increase the efficiency of your catch. In addition, you can overlay sea current information as shown in the picture.

    ◆Fish Finder
    Connect our most powerful Fish Finders and enjoy our best fishing technologies such as 
    TruEcho CHIRP™ and ACCU-FISH™ for maximum clarity.

    Choose your best Fish Finder Among BBDS1, DFF1, DFF1-UHD, DFF3 depending on your needs. 
    High Resolution Fish Finders provide better bottom contours & clearer presentation that separates bottom structure from bottom fish. 

    Connect our Plug-and-Play Radar to ensure your safety at sea with the extremely compact Radome 19" DRS4DL+ which features Fast Target Tracking™ and requires only one LAN cable and one Power Supply cable for its installation.

    The Multi-station feature allows you to connect two SFD displays to one Radar. We recommend the vertical orientation when using Off-center. it is perfect for Workboats
  • Flexible orientation for your favorite display mode

    Freely adjust the orientation of your display in a short time and without the need for any tool to do it!
  • Flexible configuration with the Multi-Station

    Connect two SFD-1010/1012 display units with two sensors at the same time or two display units with one sensor through the Hub unit to be able to view your desired modes at the same time with only one setup. 

    Available configurations:

    2 Sensors with 2 Displays
    1 Sensor with 2 Displays
    1 Sensor with 1 Display

    *2 Display units max
    *1 Radar unit max for each configuration



Display unit
SFD-1010 10.4” TFT color LCD
SFD-1012 12.1” TFT color LCD
Screen Resolution
SFD-1010 1024x768 (XGA)
SFD-1012 1024x768 (XGA)
Viewing Angle
Screen Brightness
800 cd/m²
-Serial: 2 ports, NMEA0183
-LAN: 1 port, Ethernet 100Base-TX, RJ45
-USB: 1 port, USB2.0 (Type A), For maintenance
-NMEA2000: 1 port
-HDMI output: 1 port, 1280×720 (HD)

Data sentence
Power Supply
12-24 VDC: 3.0-1.5 A
SFD-1010 2.4 kg 5.3 lbs
SFD-1012 2.6 kg 5.7 lbs


Interconnection Diagram


* Specifications subject to change without notice.