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GNSS-powered high accuracy compass

High precision and accurate heading of 0.4° (SC-70)
Perfect for Radar, ECDIS, AIS, Doppler Sonar and Autopilots

NavNet Connect CAN bus

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  • SC-70 provides a high system accuracy for the heading of the ship, 0.4°

    Provides highly accurate heading data for Autopilot, Radar, ARPA, Scanning Sonar, Current Indicator, Chart Plotter, ECDIS and Autopilot
    ●0.25° (with SC-130)
    Ideal for medium to large vessels navigating in crowded ports and making precise maneuvers, such as berthing.
    ●0.4° (with SC-70)
    Ideal for small to medium boats requiring highly accurate heading .
  • Utilizes GNSS such as GPS, Galileo and GLONASS for high precision

    ・SBAS compatible (EGNOS,WAAS, MSAS)
    ・Provide precise data for SOG, COG, ROT and L/L
    ・Eliminating the problem of not having enough satellites at hand by using multiple types of satellites

  • Speed on 3 axis (Bow, stern and longitudinal) for safe navigating and berthing

  • Type-approved as THD, GPS and ROTI*. Complying with the IEC, ISO requirements (For Solas Vessels)

    IMO MSC.116(73) •IMO MSC.112(73) •IMO MSC.526(13) •IMO A.694(17)
    IMO MSC.97(73) •IMO MSC.191(79) •IMO MSC.302(87) •IEC 60945 Ed.4
    IEC 62288 Ed.2 •IEC 61162-1 Ed. 4 •IEC 61162-2 Ed.1 •IEC 61162-450 Ed.1
    IEC 61108-1 Ed.2 •ISO 22090-3 Ed.2 •ISO 20672 Ed.1
    * requires the RD-50 as a display unit
  • Easily integrated into the existing shipboard network via Ethernet

  • Rapid follow-up rate 40°/S

    ・Twice the IMO high speed craft requirement, 20°/s
  • Maintenance free and no recurring cost as there are no mechanical parts

  • Super short starting time - 90 seconds

    ・Once the power is on, it takes about 90 seconds only to start
    (The starting time will slightly differ depending on the equipment location)
  • Easy to retrofit by using existing antenna cabling

    ・For SC-50/55/60/110/120 (The LAN_CNV option Kit is necessary)
  • Precision Pitch/Roll data in Analog and Digital formats for vessel stabilization, SONAR, etc.



Display4.3-inch color LCD, 95.04 (W) x 87.12 mm (H)
480 x 272 dots (WQVGA)
Heading Accuracy0.4
Heading Resolution0.1°,0.01°,0.001° (select from menu)
Settling time90 s approx. (typical)

Position AccuracyGPS 10m approx. (2DRMS, HDOP<4)
DGPS 5m approx. (2DRMS, HDOP<4)
WAAS 3m approx. (2DRMS, HDOP<4)
MSAS 7m approx. (2DRMS, HDOP<4)
InterfaceNumber of ports (junction box)
IEC61162-2: 1 port (IN: 1,OUT: 1)
IEC61162-1: 8 ports (IN: 4,OUT: 8)
External beacon input (DATA5 port): RTCM SC-104 V2.3 (RS-485), ITU-R M823
CANbus: 1 port
AD-10: 4 ports, for heading output
RS-485 : 1 port, for display unit connection
LAN (IEC61162-450) :Ethernet, 100Base-TX, RJ45 connecter
TemperatureAntenna Unit : -25°C to +55°C (storage: -25°C to +70°C)
Display Unit/ Junction Box : -15°C +55°C
WaterproofingAntenna Unit : IP56
Display Unit : IP22 (IP35 : option)
Processor Unit : IP20 (IP22 : bulkhead mount)
Power Supply12-24 VDC: 2.1-1.1 A (included Antenna Unit and Display Unit)
WeightDisplay Unit : 0.7 kg
Junction Box : 2.9 kg
Antenna Unit (SC-703) : 2.8 kg

Equipment List


  • Antenna Unit SC-703 x 1
  • Display unit SC-702 x 1
  • Junction Box SC-701 x 1
  • Installation Materials


  • AC/DC Power Supply Unit PR-240
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Interface Unit
  • Remote DisplayRD-50
  • Connector (waterproof) FRU-RJ-PLUG-ASSY
  • Modular Connector MPS588-C
  • LAN_CNV Kit OP20-47/48
  • Cable assemblyM12-05BFFM-010/020/060
  • Connector (NMEA)LTWMC-05BFFT-SL8001


Interconnection Diagram

Connectable Products

Display modes

THD mode

- Display the heading (HDG) of the ship

Speed mode 

- 3-axis speed of the ship: Bow, Stern and longitudinal
(non-IMO type only)

① Current selected mode (SPD or THD), integrity status and common satellite
②   Transverse speed at bow position
③   Longitudinal speed 
Transverse speed at stern position
⑤   Distance travelled 

Navigational data screen

- 3-axis speed, as well as the Heading, Rate Of Turn and
Course Over Ground can be Grasped at a glance 
(non-IMO type only)

GPS integrity mode 

- SBAS signal status 

ROTI mode 

- Rate Of Turn Indicator displaying on the RD-50 (ROTI Display unit approved for SOLAS vessels)



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* Specifications subject to change without notice.

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