GPS/GNSS Antennas

Antenna Mounting kit Model AFB-01 NEW

Secure pole or mast mount of AU-500/AU-300 antennas

This mounting kit is designed to securely install the antenna on a tower, mast or pole when using Furuno GNSS receivers for time synchronization applications.



  • Antenna Mounting Kit for AU-500 & AU-300

    The Mounting Kit consists of the following parts:

    • Anodized aluminium Pipe
    • Stainless steel clamp
    • Pipe holding bracket

  • Easy to install

    Handling and installation is very easy due to the simple design and choice of quality materials.
    A single stainless steel clamp securely fastens the pipe and holding bracket to the desired pole or mast, making installation easy and reducing installation time.
    Easy and correct installation of the GNSS antenna allows the GNSS receiver to perform to its full potential and prevent reception issues.

* Specifications subject to change without notice.