GPS/GNSS Antennas

Coaxial lightning arrestor Model TVA-03C/TVA-03V


Protect GPS/GNSS receiver from lightning surges

The coaxial lightning arrestor covers GPS (L1), GLONASS (L1), and Galileo(E1). It supports combination with GPS receivers as well as multi-GNSS receivers. It demonstrates safe lightning surge performance that clears IEC61000-4-5 and JIS C 5381-21.

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  • Protect GPS/GNSS receiver from lightning surges.

  • TVA-03C supports direct lightning surges, and TVA-03V supports induced lightning surges.

  • The best lightning surge performance can be achieved by combining two models with proper grounding.

  • Recommended products

    For all Furuno GPS/GNSS receivers.


Characteristics table

Model TVA-03C TVA-03V
Water-proof*1 IPX5 IPX5
Frequency band Center frequency
GPS(L1 band) 1575.42MHz
GLONASS(G1 band) 1602MHz
Frequency band
GPS(L1 band) 1575.42MHz±5MHz
GLONASS(G1 band) 1602MHz±9MHz
Maximum continuous working power Uc 100V DC 6.0V DC
Maximum allowable power 50W 10W
Insertion loss 0.2dB or less 0.2dB or less
VSWR 1.2 or less 1.2 or less
Connecotr N type N type
Impedance 50Ω 50Ω
Voltage protection level Up 800V or less 10V or less
Impulse durability Category C2 20kA
Category D1 5kA
Category C2 10kA

*1 Only when the connector part is drip-proofed.

Documents, Software

Download documents and software related to this product and other GPS/GNSS products (Specifications document, Drivers and Monitor software).

Download contents for TVA-03C/TVA-03V

  • Hardware Specifications (Surge Protective Device)
  • Surge Protection Device Test Report

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* Specifications subject to change without notice.