GPS/GNSS Antennas

Multi-GNSS antenna (For Timing) Model AU-217NEW

For Timing

Antenna for GPS signal (L1 band) and GLONASS (G1 band) reception


  • Suitable for use with GT series Timing GPS/GNSS receiver modules and GF series GPS/GNSS Disciplined Oscillators.

  • The antenna assembly consists of a patch antenna for receiving GNSS signals and a preamplifier for signal amplification.

  • Power supply to the antenna preamplifier must be provided by the application on the same RF signal trace as the GNSS RF signal is carried to the application.

  • Widerange of power supply from 2.5 to 16 VDC.

  • Easy installation by using optional antenna fixing bracket.

  • Furuno Multi-GNSS/GPS Antenna Lineup

    Product Name Applications Supported Satellite Constellations Note
    AU-217 For Fixed Position
    Ideal for use in location with intense electric field thanks to built-in noise filter.
    Highly noise resistant and highly environmental resistant equivalent to IP67.
    GPA-014 - Ideal for use in location with frequent/heavy snowfall.
    AU-18 For Mobile Available with a choice of antenna connector type.
    AU-15 -



Input Frequency1575 MHz to 1606 MHz
PolarizationR. H. C. P. (Right Hand Circular Polarization)
Antenna Gain>= 4.25dBi (at 90° elev.angle)
>= -3dBi (at 10° elev.angle)
Output Impedance50 Ω
Pre. Amp Gain40±2dB
Pre. Amp Noise Figure2.5 dB (Typ)
VSWR<1.5:1 (@LNA output)
Supply Voltage2.5 to 16 VDC nominal
Power Consumption20 mA max (85°C)
Operating Temperature-40°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature-40°C to +85°C
Operating Relative Humidity< 97%RH
Water ResistantIP67
Connector TypeTNC(F)




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