GPS/GNSS Antennas

Multi-GNSS antenna Model AU-18

Antenna for GPS signal (L1 band) and GLONASS (G1 band) reception

Automotive/Industrial Timing


  • Suitable for use with GN-87, GV-87, and GT-87 receiver modules.

    For timing applications and with high noise resistance, Multi-GNSS antenna AU-500/300 offer the best solution.
    Here's more on  Multi-GNSS antenna AU-500/300
  • The antenna assembly consists of a patch antenna for receiving GNSS signals and a preamplifier for signal amplification.

  • Power supply to the antenna preamplifier must be provided by the application on the same RF signal trace as the GNSS RF signal is carried to the application.

  • Available with a choice of antenna connector type. The choice is SMA, BNC, GT-5 or SMB.

  • The antenna has an internal magnet so that it can be fixed on a metallic surface.

  • Easy to use antenna. Does not require RF or antenna knowledge.



Input Frequency
1575MHz to 1610MHz
R. H. C. P. (Right Hand Circular Polarization)
Antenna Gain
>= -0.5dBi (at 90° elev. angle)
>= -10dBi (at 10° elev. angle)
Output Impedance
Total Gain
26±3dBi (1575.42MHz)
27±3dBi (1602MHz)
Pre. Amp Noise Figure
1.5dB (Typ) (3.0VDC, 1575.42MHz)
1.5dB (Typ) (3.0VDC, 1602MHz)
Supply Voltage
1.8 to 5.5VDC
Power Consumption
10mA (Typ) (3.0VDC)
Operating Temperature
-40°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature
-40°C to +85°C
Operating Relative Humidity
40% to 95%RH
Series Lineup (Connector, Cable)
AU-18-5A (SMA(M), RG174 x 5m)
AU-18-5B (BNC(M), RG174 x 5m)
AU-18-5G (GT-5(F), RG174 x 5m)
AU-18-5S (SMB(F), RG174 x 5m)


* Specifications subject to change without notice.