Marine Radar

High Power S-band Fishing Radar (60kW) Model FAR-2268DS

Reliable S-band Fishing & Bird Radar

New High power, High resolution Radar, Reliable in any kind of weather. Perfect to find birds.

Fishing Vessels


  • Gain in Searching POWER with S-band antennas

    The benefit of S-band antennas lie not only in their signal strength of 60 kW, but also in their capability to detect objects other than ships without being disturbed by weather or sea swell.  With the FAR-2268DS, the user will be able to find birds and therefore determine the location of promising fishing grounds. 

  • Improved detection performance and accuracy at long range compared to previous models

    While echoes can sometimes appear too faint or too large and be mistaken for a ship (), the new FAR-2268DS really makes a difference and uses its accuracy to distinguish echoes while making the whole presentation much sharper and clearer. ()
  • Function keys support up to 32 customizable features & settings

    Each key can be assigned a single function or multiple functions. When [multiple functions] is selected, up to eight functions can be assigned to one key, which can be utilized by pressing the function key and then the numeric keypad. It is possible to assign up to 32 functions. 
  • Easily identify fishing grounds with colored track lines

    The water temperature is automatically displayed in the vessel track line, with the color changing according to water temperature. This allows the user to intuitively understand changes in water temperature and easily identify fishing grounds.
  • A total of 40 origin marks can be entered

    The number of origin marks that can be entered has been increased from 20 (previous model) to a maximum of 40. By displaying a list of origin marks, the distance and direction from the registered position to the cursor can be determined at a glance.

    Additionnally, users can choose between “sea fixed” (blue) and “land fixed” (green), plus, land fixed origin marks are backed up even after the power is turned off. 
  • Intuitive off-center function with trackball

    To off-center the display, the user can either move the cursor to the desired area or do so directly with the trackball when the cursor is hidden, which allows for intuitive use.
  • Fishing gear echoes are easily visible with the addition of the Echo Average feature (EAV) and its wide dynamic range

    The new wide dynamic range signal EAV function allows the display of both weak and strong echoes in a richly colored image as shown on the right.

    Echo Average with the wide dynamic range 
    The new wider dynamic range EAV removes unwanted echoes and clearly shows the shape of the net

    Did you know?
    EAV stands for Echo Average 
    It is a signal processing technology that suppresses unnecessary echoes on the screen by utilizing image correlation techniques, making it easier to distinguish echoes.
  • TT target acquisition up to a distance of 48 NM

    With Target Tracking (TT), the FAR-2268DS is capable of capturing targets within a range of 48 NM, whereas the previous model was limited to a distance of 32 NM. This allows users to keep a close eye on more distant targets.
  • AIS customization helps you keep an eye on other vessels

    Users can register a color and a ship track color for each AIS target, so that you can identify other ships at a glance. (Maximum number of entries is 100).

    Custom AIS Settings
  • TT custom settings make it easier to distinguish other ships!

    Users can set the name, color, shape and track color of the acquired TT target. Custom TT settings can be pre-registered (up to 10) and these can be quickly assigned to targets.

    Color Settings



Peak Output Power
60 kW
320/380 cm Slotted Array
3050 MHz ±30 MHz, P0N
Beam Width (Horizontal)
2.3°(320 cm)、1.8°(380 cm)
Beam Width (Vertical)
25° (SN30AF/SN36AF)
22° (SN30DF)
Range Scales
0.125~96 NM
Antenna Rotation Speed
24 rpm


Display Unit
19-inch color LCD  1280×1024(SXGA)
23.1-inch color LCD 1600×1200(UXGA)
27-inch color LCD  1920×1200(WUXGA)
Display Mode
Head-up, STAB head-up, Course-up, North-up, (RM/TM), Stern-up
Other Mode / Functions
Target Tracking(TT), Plotter function, AIS


Antenna Unit:-25℃~+55℃(Storage: -25℃~+70℃)
Other:-15℃~+55℃(Storage: -20℃~+70℃)
Antenna Unit:IP46
Processor Unit/Display Unit:IP22
Control Unit:IP20(RCU-014/015/016), IP22 (RCU-031)


Power Supply / Consumption Current
・Antenna Unit
100-115/220-230 VAC: 3.1/1.5 A、Phase、50-60 Hz

・Processor Unit
100-230 VAC: 2.2-1.1 A、Phase、50-60 Hz

・Display Unit
MU-190 : VAC100-230 : 0.7-0.4 A、Phase、50-60 Hz
MU-190HD : VDC12-24 / 8.4-3.9 A
MU-231 : VAC100-230 : 1.0-0.6 A、Phase、50-60 Hz
MU-270W : VAC100-230 : 0.7-0.4 A、Phase、50-60 Hz

100-230 VAC:0.1 A, 1 Phase、50-60 Hz


Interconnection Diagram


* Specifications subject to change without notice.