Supporting Android™

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Supporting Android™

Furuno can provide Android driver and API, which can be used with Furuno's GNSS chip/module for Android application developers. Android driver may help to reduce the development cost to install the GNSS chip/module in the navigation devices or the automotive devices based on Android.

Android driver

Android driver and API can do the following.

  • To receive the NMEA data (e.g. position data and so on), which is output from GNSS chip/module, with the application that works in Android OS.
  • To transmit the commands into GNSS chip/module for configuration, verification, etc., through the application that works in Android OS.

Operation Environment and Supported Products

Operation Environment Android Driver
OS Version
Android 4.1.2(*1) or later
Target in which Android 4.1.2(*1) or later can be installed(*1)
OS Version
Android 4.0 or later
Not Available
Supported Products(*2)
eRideOPUS 6(ePV6010B)
eRideOPUS 7(ePV7010B / ePV7000B)
GNSS module

(*1) Even if the version is Android 4.1.2 or later, the driver may not work depending on the content of OS version up.
(*2)As the supported situation differs depending on the firmware version, please contact us for details.


Android is the registered brand of Google Inc.

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