Active Anti-Jamming

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The power level of the GNSS satellite signals when received at the antenna is below the noise floor.
Signal processing techniques inside the GNSS receiver allow extracting these signals.
However, to achieve the highest sensitivity it is critical to keep all sources of noises as low as possible; especially the ones that add in-band noise.
These various types of noises are such as the radio waves or harmonics of the clock generated from other electronic devices.
The use of the Active Anti-Jamming function allows FURUNO's GNSS receiver chips and modules to detect GNSS in-band jamming signals and to remove them.
This function is even more effective at detecting and cancelling the narrowband noise and jamming signals, which have a strong impact on GNSS receivers.
This function is protecting both the GPS and the GLONASS signal bands.
FURUNO's GNSS receiver chips and modules demonstrate optimum performance thanks to the Active Anti-Jamming function even when used in environments with high electrical noise.

The graph below shows the actual positioning data, in green with Active Anti-Jamming enabled and in purple with Active Anti-Jamming disable of eRideOPUS 7 when a strong jammer is injected in the GNSS signal at the receiver antenna.

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