Prevention of Equipment Failure through Inspection on Installation

Main Business Contents of FURUNO SHANGHAI CO., LTD.

[OAT] "Outfitting Acceptance Test" service

Marine electronic equipment is used in particularly harsh environments. FURUNO products have passed environmental tests to meet international requirement as well as any conceivable environmental conditions on ships. The quality may, however, be affected by its outfitting conditions.

FURUNO SHANGHAI CO., LTD. carries out OAT services to survey outfitting of products on site to make sure that it has been properly made to meet FURUNO Quality Standards. In accordance with result of OAT, the Company is willing to exchange opinions with shipyards for further improvement of their outfitting standards.


[CAT] "Commissioning Acceptance Test" service

Modern Navigation and Communication products are so designed to perform its highest value when they are integrated with each other. The proper setting and adjustment is another key element to ensure a full performance of individual product and as a total integrated system.

FURUNO SHANGHAI CO., LTD. carries out CAT service to survey setting and adjustment on site to make sure that they have been made properly to meet FURUNO Quality Standards.


[TTC] "Technical Training Course" service

The third key element is skill of engineers responsible for Installation, Setting and Adjustment of FURUNO products. FURUNO SHANGHAI CO., LTD. holds TTC regularly for engineers from distributors in China, in order to provide them with the latest technical information and keep their skill always updated.

The company offers TTC also to shipyards to share FURUNO Quality Standards enabling in co-operation to deliver new buildings with FURUNO products with its full performance and value.


[OBT] "On Board Training Course" service

Familiarization of ship crew with FURUNO's advanced products installed onboard is critical to the safety of navigation. Many problems would occur practically everyday if ship crew inappropriately operated the equipment. FURUNO SHANGHAI has started to carry out this new onboard training service upon delivery to help ship crew grasp the operation procedure, setup and problem-solving skills, and to help ship owner reduce unnecessary cost resulting from unfamiliarity of the ship crew with the equipment.