Service Provision Scheme

Furuno Service Provision Scheme for the Clients

At Furuno, we offer the following:

Through the implementation of these measures, Furuno has built a robust service system that guarantees peace of mind and customer satisfaction.

Global Service Network

We have strategically established a comprehensive service network encompassing key locations such as Japan, Furuno USA, Furuno Singapore, and Furuno Europe. In addition, we have established collaborative partnerships with over 40 agents across different countries. This extensive network allows us to promptly provide technical personnel from the nearest location whenever the need for dispatch arises, ensuring rapid and efficient support for our valued customers.

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Support System

Service Management System

With the goal of providing high-quality service to our customers, we have implemented the Service Management System (SMS) that centrally manages and allows online access to product support history, failure prevention measures, and maintenance services. By seamlessly sharing this system across Furuno Group companies and our extensive network of distributors, we have established a resilient framework to offer prompt support to our customers, regardless of the vessel's location.

Remote Monitoring Service

In order to ensure safe maintenance of vessels during their operations at sea, we provide a comprehensive remote monitoring service for our proprietary products. Our remote monitoring service effectively gathers crucial information from the equipment installed on board ships through our service gateway and monitors the real-time status of this equipment from ashore, via satellite communication services. This service facilitates the prompt identification of malfunctions, allowing for early intervention and prompt resolution, effectively minimizing or eliminating any potential downtime.

Permanently Available Spare Parts

At Furuno, we maintain a constant inventory of spare parts kits (FASK: Fly Away Spares Kit) at every service location, including Japan. This ensures the availability of essential maintenance parts at all times.This enables the dispatch of service engineers and the supply of necessary parts from the nearest service location for a rapid and efficient maintenance response.

Spare parts kits (FASK), that are required for each piece of equipment, are permanently stored at the Furuno HQ Service Centre.

Regular maintenance and inspections by staff ensure availability of the latest software and parts.

Service Engineers Training Programs

To ensure peace of mind when using our products, it is important to not only guarantee product quality but also offer proper equipment, settings, and on-site guidance. To achieve this, we provide standardized manuals to our service engineers and distributor technicians in Japan and overseas. We conduct annual technical training sessions to enhance our technical services. Additionally, we offer guidance on equipment and installation at shipyards and hold study sessions to provide customers with clear operational explanations. These efforts aim to improve service quality and expand the range of services we provide.