Advantages of FURUNO ECDIS

Furuno provides a complete solution for ECDIS retrofit ranging from single ECDIS configuration to a full Integrated Navigation System (INS) with Track Control System (TCS). This means that Furuno, can provide you with the solution that fits your requirements. Furuno ECDIS are in operation worldwide on all kind of vessels ranging from container feeders and small chemical tankers to large ferries and LNG tankers. The design and user interface have been developed to provide an easy and reliable operation and to accommodate the operator with easy access to the necessary functions and data to operate the vessel safely. The user interface is designed to guide the operator through the various steps of planning and performing route steering. The hardware design is made to meet the current standards issued by the maritime authorities and to provide indispensable support to navigators under tough environment at sea. When selecting Furuno as a partner to integrate ECDIS into your fleet, you will have the chance to obtain a wide range of comprehensive services and support as a total package of ECDIS solutions.

1. FURUNO's provision of thoroughgoing training

Training is required to ensure an efficient and safe operation of ECDIS. Implementing ECDIS onboard a vessel is an investment and it is in the interest of the shipowner to benefit from the advantages provided by ECDIS. This includes less time spent on chart management and voyage planning and the increased safety obtained through the proper setup and operation of the ECDIS, which can remarkably reduce the risk of groundings, etc. This can be accomplished through proper training programs. Training comes in many forms and the crew should undergo both generic training to get the full understanding of the ECDIS as a concept, the rules governing ECDIS and the influences on the bridge operation as well as the ECDIS familiarization training, which helps the operator familiarise themselves with the specific ECDIS onboard the vessel.

FURUNO Maritime Training provides the aforementioned ECDIS operation training programs with relevant certification as well as a wide range of training courses, which can be combined with ECDIS training.

In addition, FMT can provide training aimed at the shore staff about ECDIS rules and regulations and technical solutions, which can be of assistance to the purchasers or superintendents in their daily work.


Training courses provided by Furuno Maritime Training

IMO ECDIS Model Course 1.27 (generic ECDIS training)

STCW requires that all masters and officers in charge of a navigational watch (Officer of the Watch: OOW) on a ship fitted with ECDIS shall have completed a generic ECDIS course and hold an ECDIS certificate in accordance with IMO model course 1.27.

This ECDIS training provides the trainees with knowledge of the ECDIS as a system, the ECDIS operation, electronic chart materials, practical navigation, and terms and conditions for implementing paperless navigation. The training course focuses upon many advantages and safety features obtained by operating ECDIS. Also, the limitations of ECDIS are taught throughout this training course.

This training is concluded with 3 compulsory tests, and, if passed, a certificate is issued, which confirms the trainees' successful completion of the generic ECDIS training in accordance with IMO Model Course 1.27.

This training course provides the navigators with the knowledge and tools to safely shift from traditional paper chart navigation to electronic chart navigation by use of ECDIS.

This training course complies with the IMO STCW code.

ECDIS familiarization training course: available at Furuno Maritime Training centre, INSTC Singapore and NavSkills training centers

The FURUNO ECDIS familiarization training provides the trainees with the specific knowledge about functionality and effective use of FURUNO ECDIS for navigation onboard.

The training covers the following aspects of FURUNO ECDIS operation:

  • Familiarisation with available functions
  • Familiarisation with the menu structure
  • Display setup
  • Setting of the safety value
  • Recognition of alarm and malfunction indicators and the actions to be taken
  • Route planning
  • Route monitoring
  • Changing over to backup systems
  • Loading and updating of charts and licences
  • Updating software

The training is concluded with a compulsory test. Upon successful completion of the test, the navigators is issued a certificate that confirms the successful completion of the FURUNO ECDIS familiarization training course.


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2. Quality Assurance

FURUNO's solid product Quality Assurance Scheme

Quality and reliability of the products is a vital issue when selecting navigation equipment to be installed onboard your vessels, for the navigation equipment needs to be in proper working conditions throughout lengthy ocean-crossings, and it is undeniably true that equipment failure in the midst of those voyages has negative impact upon safety and efficiency at sea. It is often the case that equipment failure stems from two causes: defect in equipment itself and improper equipment installation and setup. Furuno tackles this issue with a two-tiered approach: thorough product testing before the equipment is installed and thoroughgoing inspection prior to ship’s delivery on whether or not equipment is properly installed.

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3. Service and Support

Furuno's after-sales service and support provision Scheme

Service availability in your area of operation is vital to comply with this new carriage requirement, because you are requested to have an operational ECDIS onboard the vessel at all times. When deciding your ECDIS solution, you may consider your area of operation and the service scheme offered by your ECDIS provider in your area of operation. It is important to make sure that you have easy access to skilled service technicians and spare parts at all times. Furuno provides easy access to skilled service technicians and spare parts through our global service network and continental service centers, which have a huge variety of spare parts in stock for fast delivery to any location around the world. The service technicians receive education through the comprehensive technical training programs offered by Furuno. This way the technicians are kept up to date with their technical knowledge. The coordination of services worldwide is made more efficient through Furuno's Service Management System (SMS), which is a database and coordination platform that allows easy transfer of service jobs between the service stations and acquisition of vessel-specific data covering equipment installation, technical documentation, software versions and service history, which provides the service technician with valuable information for planning the service call to your vessel.

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